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Grace's POV

"Good morning Ellie" I said seeing her walk out of her room in her sweatpants and bra, her hair being completely messy "what are you making?" She asked.

"Eggs and pancakes" I said smiling at her, she made a disgusted face "Ew, I hate eggs" she said. I looked down at it, hating the fact that I made some for both me and her but now she's not going to eat it.

"You can eat the pancakes if you want" I said smiling, trying to be as positive as possible so nothing would ruin my day today. We're finally starting college and I'm really excited.

"Yeah okay I guess" she took a plate and sat down on the dining table. I took mine and sat in front of her, eating silently not wanting to start a conversation until she does because I don't want to annoy her or make her hate me even more.

After 10 minutes she stood up "get ready, we're gonna go in a bit" she said putting her plate in the sink, not looking at me and walking towards her room "I can go alone-" I said but didn't even get to finish, she looked at me "I wanna- just do what I ask you to do"

I nodded my head and stood up, putting my plate in the sink as she went back to her room. I wanted to wash the plates "do the dishes later, get ready!" I heard her yell from her room.

I felt my cheeks turn red from embarrassment to the fact that she knew what I was doing even if she wasn't looking.

I went to my room and closed the door, taking out a white shirt and some black jeans. I put it on then went to the bathroom and knocked on the door, she opened it and she was putting some makeup on.

"Come in" she said coldly. I walked in the bathroom and put the small bag of makeup as she stood behind me leaving a bit of space between us while looking at herself in the mirror.

I took some highlight, blush and some mascara out of the small bag and started putting it. Ellie got closer to me, I felt her hips touch me from behind as she leaned to take her eyeliner.

It made me nervous but I tried to act like it didn't. She backed away and continued doing her makeup as I did the same.

I finished and left the room, taking the purple backpack that I hate my notebooks in, some pens and pencils and some important things for college.

I went to the living room to see her taking a Red Bull from the fridge while she had her black backpack on one shoulder as she opened the Red Bull and took a sip from it.

She put it on the kitchen counter and wore her rings. I looked at her hands, she put two rings on her left hand and three on her right hand, her veiny hands catching my attention.

"What?" I looked at her and smiled, shaking my head "nothing, you just have really cool rings" I said. She looked down at them "you want one? I have an extra one and it's small"

I shook my head "it's okay-" she walked to her room and came back "give me your hand" she said coldly, with the same tone she always has with me.

She put the ring on my middle finger which was a cool silver snake "it looks nice" I said, wanting to take it off and give it back to her "keep it" she said.

"Really?" I said looking at her as she took the keys from the table. She nodded her head "yeah I don't need it"

"Okay thank you" she nodded and unlocked the door, opening the door and looking at me "come on, we don't wanna be late"

I followed behind her as she locked the door "you have your keys right?" She asked. I nodded and put my hand over my pocket telling her that they're in my pocket, she nodded "okay good"


The principal told us that there is a meeting for the first day in one the lecture rooms for the new students in the college just so we know what to do and how to sign for classes.

One of the professors walked in and smiled at us as we all got quiet. Ellie was sitting far away from me with some new friends she made and Courtney.

She looked at me and tilted her head to the side, in a questioning manner and I smiled shaking my head, telling her that I didn't want anything even though I wasn't sure if she was asking if I needed anything but it seemed like it.

She gave me a small nod and looked at her friends again.

"Okay.." the professor spoke up, everyone switching their attention to him "..so welcome to the university. Everyone that is here right now earned their place and spot in this university. The university will provide you everything you need. You have a grocery store and a store for things you might need like notebooks and things like that around the place. When you go back to your dorm in a bit, the school will send you an email for you to choose the classes and the times you want"

He kept telling us things about the college and what we might need. We have buildings for different things, we're in the medical part, there is an engineering building, art building etc.

He dismissed us and told us we'll start the real classes next week after choosing all the classes we need to choose.

I stood up, took my backpack and left just like everyone else. Someone bumped into me "I'm sorry" the woman said, I smiled and shook my head "it's okay, don't worry about it"

I wanted to walk away but she stopped me "I'm Camila by the way" I turned around and kept the same smile on my face, happy that someone introduced themselves to me "I'm Grace, nice to meet you Camila"

She laughed "you're shy aren't you?" She asked taking a few steps closer to me since we were a little far away from each other "just nervous" I said laughing and scratching the back of my neck.

"Everything is gonna be fine, don't worry" we talked for a bit "do you want me to walk you to your dorm?" She offered, making me smile widely but I tried to hide it so she wouldn't think I'm a weirdo for getting that excited that someone said that.

"Yeah sure, thank you" we talked on our way to my dorm then we stopped in front of my door "I'll see you later" I said unlocking the door, she smiled "here is my number in case you need anything" she said taking a small paper out of her bag and putting it on the wall to write her number on it.

She's really pretty I thought to myself. She has long brown hair, really pretty eyes, she's tall or at least taller than me, she has a really pretty smile and a very soothing voice.

 She has long brown hair, really pretty eyes, she's tall or at least taller than me, she has a really pretty smile and a very soothing voice

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She gave me the paper and smiled "bye grace" she said, i put the paper in my pocket and got in the dorm "bye"

I closed the door and smiled to myself "what are you smiling that weirdly about?" I jumped and looked at Ellie who was eating some chips while leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Nothing" I said looking down "okay whatever" I looked at her and she went to her room, I shrugged my shoulders and went to my room, taking my shoes off, sitting on the bed and opening my laptop.

I went to the email the school sent me which got me into a website for the university where I can sign for the classes.

I choose a class for 8am till 10am, the other one for 11am till 1pm, another one for 3pm till 5pm then the last one starts at  6pm till 8pm. It's not the best but I have time to eat lunch and get some snacks for some power, I just choose the same professors for the rest of the days.

I got a facetime call from my mom so I answered it with a smile on my face, seeing my little sister and mom appear on the screen.

"Hi sweetie, how was today?"

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