Chapter 14

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“Phew, it’s exhausting to cry fake.”

Juliana, who had managed to send her father away, rubbed her cheek and lay down on the sofa.


At that time, an unknown bird flew in the sunset sky and made a crying sound. She murmured blankly looking out the window.

“I want to run away, too. Ah-ah-.”

“With whom?”


Juliana, who was lying curled up on the long sofa, was struck by a familiar and scary voice.

She must have lost her mind.

All this time, she had never forgotten to let her guard down as he returned from the Knights of the Imperial Palace, but lying to her father had exhausted her so much that she hadn’t noticed when he entered so quietly.

Juliana smiled awkwardly at Evan, who stood between the open doors and looked at her.

“Oh, you’re early.”

“I didn’t come early. It’s rather late.”


He told the truth without wasting a moment. Juliana glanced with one eye, wondering if it was true.

Damn, it’s really later than usual.

“….mm-hmm. My father was here today, so I’m out of my mind. I should go to bed early.”

She crept up and prepared to go to her room.

Then Evan said to Juliana, who was trying to run away, holding the orders in her arms.

“Did the orders come as they were supposed to?”

His sudden question surprised Juliana, and she said, turning back.

“Ah. If, if you think this is the end, it’s just the beginning! I’m going to order a lot from now on. Yay! It’s been a while since I had a hobby. Evan, you understand, don’t you?”

“You can order as much as you please because your joy is my joy.”

Do you know how much it is for what I’ve ordered so far! Juliana thought, ‘This man is still out of his mind.’

As soon as Marquis of Auburn saw it, he was so frightened that he dropped out a sheet of paper with the list of the orders.

Juliana began to read the list of conspicuous orders in the scrawl of the pen’s touch so violently that it was flattened on the paper.

“Opiliar’s tears-. Do you know what it is? It’s a crown worn by a neighboring country princess. Of course, I can’t wear the same crown as the princess. I’d like you to place an order directly from the crown designer!”


He relaxed in the seat on the other side of the table. Then he put his chin on his hand and looked at Juliana as if he hoped that this story would continue forever.

Thanks to this, Juliana froze, feeling the sweat on her back. He looked so energetic that she couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing before, with her feet pressed against the floor.

’Ee, this was weak. This male lead. I can’t help it. Well….”

Juliana got herself together.

Then she began to spread out the order sheet in her arms.


Juliana, who was looking at the orders sheet with her eyes shining desperately, shouted.

“This is it!”


“Huh, hmm. It’s nothing. This is possible, right? I want to have something called Kervidan’s Jewel. I heard tribes in desert countries make them, and they say their color is like ‘a search for water’. Tribes in desert countries say that if they lose, they’ll give them to their opponents. Well, you could somehow get the jewels from the tribe, right?”


“Oh, I’m sorry that you can’t get it for me, but I can’t help it. If your ability is to that extent.”

“Juliana. When do you want it?”

“Phew. I’m so disappointed if I can’t-.”

“If you want it right now, I’ll prepare it today. So that you can get a gift, at least before you wake up tomorrow.”

That crazy sound opened Juliana’s eyes.

With her mouth slanted, she stood there trembling like a grain of sand that had been scattered by the sea breeze.

“……you’re kidding, aren’t you?

Evan said slowly.

“If there’s anything you want, you should have it.”

“……and for that reason, you’re going to beat a tribe?”

“I need His Majesty’s permission, but he’ll be pleased if I tell him that I’ll invade and conquer the tribe. It’s not a bad idea to gather some wizards and go there to wipe them out.”

“Oh, my God! Who would launch an invasion because his wife wants to have tribal jewels?!”

“I would if it were for you.”

She opened her mouth wide.

Then she covered her cheeks, which had become pale in shock, with her hands.

If she had deliberately performed the sobbing test just like she did before to trick her father, she could have backed away with her hand on her forehead, but she was unable to do so right now.

Eventually, Juliana flopped down on the sofa. The orders were trampled under her feet.

’Ee, this male lead, it’s not a matter of courtesy……!


He bent his knee without hesitation beside her dejected feet. And he raised his head up to see a bit of the white cheeks that Juliana had covered.

Juliana covered her cheeks more tightly because she didn’t want to show him her pale cheeks.

Evan smiled delicately and said softly as if he loved it.

“Is it because you’re afraid I’m going to end up fighting?”

It seemed like he really meant a real fight, so Juliana was furious.

“What you’re doing means you’re going to cause trouble! It’s not an alley fight!”

Evan said naturally, as if not to worry.

“It’s okay. You won’t get hurt. I need two arms and two legs to give you a perfect gift.”

“Not, not like that-.”

Evan held her hands, which were much colder than usual, perhaps because she was nervous. Juliana closed her eyes and opened them again, looking down at her trembling hands.

Evan spoke quietly, looking persistently at Juliana’s bronze-colored pupils, in which the sea of confusion was visible as she closed and opened her eyes.

“You will have everything you want.”


When Juliana called his name awkwardly, Evan laughed sluggishly. And whispered slightly on the back of her cold hand.

“If you’re asking for a divorce in this childish way, I’m going to be childish, too.”

He soon spoke with a sigh.

“Cruel, my wife.”

Juliana, who experienced Evan’s innermost thoughts and feelings, was discouraged.

His childish methods were increasing in strength day by day, and Juliana Auburn’s childish methods were lost and frivolous.

* * *

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