life around the campfire

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As I was sitting near the campfire, it occurred to me that I never got a good look at some of the local "survivors" As they called themselves. Carefully looking around I noticed that a few of them had an uncanny resemblance to a few film and TV characters, slowly making my way to a graying man talking to a hand puppet.

"Um excuse me, could you tell me your name again"

Asif snapping back to his current reality he gave me a Co ky smile and with a wink replied

"Well ain't you a looker, names Ashley J. Williams, killer of Deadites and a killer in the sheets ;)"

"Um gross but I've seen you before from the TV show Ash vs Evil Dead, great killing by the way and I see Ashy Slashy is being your only comfort yet again"

"Whoah whoah I ain't no TV show what I've done is very real and ashy
Here is very trustworthy."

"Wait how are you real you and those two were a part of a TV show"

*timeskip of explanation brought to you by my own lack of knowledge*

"So do you understand anything yet?"

"I guess it makes some more sense than previously"

With that I shut Vigo's journal and get up to stretch my back and legs around the campfire. It also occurred to me to ask what sort of "killers" to expect as I saw them mentioned alot in the journal, and by the sounds of it some of them are pretty frightening, especially that "Doctor" creature

Some of my fears were also alleviated when many of them said death was not permanent here. But I was still scared of the possibility of death, and the pain that is brought with it. They weren't helped when some of them also started going on about how painful the sacrifice process was, with having all your body dissolve away.

While all of this was going on I noticed four of the survivors disappeared. Concerned and frightened at their sudden disappearance I started darting my head around. Jane (who was apparently a famous talk show host)
Told me not to worry as it just means they're off on trials for life or death

Laughing at that last part I went back to resting my back on a log next to Quentin Smith, who was lightly snoring as he got his much deprived sleep

A/N sorry for the delay everyone wasn't sure how to have continued this and coupled in with some education makes time to write really hard

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