Chapter 21

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*this is an even long chapter*

I'm gliding down the isle, but I feel like I'll trip.
I glance around and see women staring and practically swooning over Carlos. I can see why, in looks. But his personality is not there. Most of the people here are for political reasons.

Carlos isn't even looking at me. He's watching all his fan girls. But what did I expect?
When I approach closer his gaze is finally brought back to me.

I look down and I realize I still have the crumbled up paper in my hand. My hand is still balled.

I guess now isn't the best time to open it and read it. I turn to my father as I step up to the alter. He kisses my cheek and nods at Carlos.

I glance over and see Liam. He's standing all the way to the very back, near the entrance to the main hall.  His face shows no emotion, as he was trained to do. My eyes fall back to my father who sits at the first row. I get a good look and see that there are not that many people here. Only the first 4 rows are filled on Carlos side and only 2 are filled on my side.

I turn to Carlos, who hasn't took his eyes off me since I stepped up. The priest begins babbling in Italian.

"Tu, Carlos Salvatore, prendi Genesis Carrera come tua moglie legittimamente sposata?" Asks the priest.

"Sì, I do." Says Carlos loudly. He then grabs my hands. He tilts his head in confusion as he sees the balled up piece of paper in my hand.

He gives me a look that says 'what the hell is that?'

But I just stare at him blankly.

"Tu, Genesis Carrera, prendi Carlos Salvatore come tuo legittimo sposo?"

My knees began to shake uncontrollably and I looked to god that to give me the strength to just say 'I do'."

I looked at Liam and he shook his head. I turn back to Carlos.

I hesitate.
"Sì, I do.." I mumble.

"Ora puoi baciare la tua sposa!" Exclaims the priest.

Carlos leans down and kiss me for the first time. And I hate to say it but he knew what he was doing. I try to release from him but he doesn't let me go yet.

"Matrimoni e vescovati sono destinati dal cielo." Says the priest. Everyone is cheering around us. Finally Carlos releases me. I give him a glare.

He grabs onto my hand, the one that doesn't have the piece of paper in it. While everyone sends cheers and good wishes, I stick the piece of paper in between my Garter and my skin.

As I'm looking at everyone praise us, I see a group of men enter the alter. One of them grabs onto Liam.

All the sudden shots blare and glass shatters and breaks all around us. I grip onto Carlos's jacket. Carlos forced me down to the ground and covered my body with his own.

My heart slammed in my chest as I heard screams. More gun shots. And more screams.

I feel Carlos lift his head and glance around. I look over and I can't believe what I see.

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