Who Should We Be Next

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*You jump into Bucky's arms and kiss him.. you moan and he chuckles*
Bucky- Alright.. you roll.. even numbers, you get to choose. Odd numbers, I choose.
Y/N- okay!
*Bucky writes on a paper*
Bucky- this will tell us who we will be when we- *You kiss Bucky again and he laughs* hold on baby.. we gotta roll.. roll the big one to see who's in charge and then we will each roll as small one..
Y/N- Okay...
*You roll the big dice and it lands on an even number which means you're in charge*
Y/N- ha! Buckle up baby!
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- okay.. let's finish deciding things.. *He winks*
*He rolls a 3 which is Winter and you roll a 6 which is Bunny*
Bucky- Ha! Winters gonna eat Bunny alive..
*You smirk*
Y/N- I hope so.. but I'm calling the shots big guy..
*Bucky smiles and then grabs your ass.. hard*
Bucky (Winter Soldier)- if you're calling the shots Bunny.. then call them..
Y/N- Yes sir *you look at him innocently.. you can feel him harden underneath you.. you smile* do you like it when I do this.. Sergeant?? *You grind against him and bite your lip.. you trace your hands down your body and caress your breast as you maintain eye contact with him*
Bucky(Winter)- you know I do Bunny.. so good.
*Bucky grabs you thighs and pulls you against him even harder.. you whimper and speed up*
Y/N- Sergeant!!
*Bucky grabs your hair and pulls your head back*
Bucky(Winter)- so fucking good! *He licks your neck and then bites your shoulder.. you whimper and push him back*
Y/N- No Sergeant! *He looks at you with slight anger* I- I'm c-calling the shots!
*Bucky chuckles*
Bucky(Winter)- you'll have to be more convincing..
*He flips you over and settles between your legs... you reach up and grab his neck.. he looks shocked but turned on*
Bucky(Winter)- Bunny Bunny Bunny.... *He reaches between your legs and starts to tease your clit.. you fight the moan rising in your chest* oh Bunny.... I know you want to let go.. just tell me how you feel..
*You gather all your strength and flip him over and trap him under you*
Y/N- You're right... I do want to let go but with you under me and me sitting in your face..
*Bucky moans... you move and straddle his face*
Bucky(Winter)- if you're gonna do that Bunny then commit *she pulls you dow to sit on his face.. he holds you there and eats you out.. you moan and whine.. the sensation is so good but it's almost too much. You try to move away but Bucky holds you there.. he slips his tongue inside you and teases your ass with his metal fingers.., you grip the headboard and scream*
Y/N- Fuck Sergeant!!! I'm cumming!
*He slaps your ass*
Bucky(Winter)- Thats not how you ask Bunny!
*You reach back and grab his dick.. he moans*
Y/N- I'm not asking!! *You grind against his face and cum everywhere* fuck Sergeant!! Mmmhmm yes!!

*You climb off Bucky and lay next to him.. he smiles and wipes his face.. he kisses you and sits up*
Bucky- That was fun!
*You chuckle*
Y/N- oh yeah.. *you kiss him and he grabs the dice again.. he rolls them and you both watch*
Bucky- well, well, well... back on top.. again.. *He kisses you and you laugh and wiggle under him.. you roll the dice and it lands on Daddy for Bucky and Mistress for you*
Y/N- well this is going to be interesting
Bucky- Damn Straight Baby girl..
*You chuckle and push one of your legs between his.. you grind against him and he moans*
Y/N- Thats not my Name right now... Daddy *You slap his ass and he grabs your neck*
Bucky- okay.. Mistress *He smirks* if that's how you want it-
Y/N- it really is.. now sit down so mistress can use your pretty little thighs to get off..
*Bucky smiles and sits down in the chair by the window*
Bucky- I want to be able to watch your reflection in the window
*You bite your lip*
Y/N- my naughty boy..
*You straddle his lap and pull him out of his boxers.. he moans as you touch his dick.. he's so hard. You want him in your mouth but you also desire the delicious friction*
Bucky- use Daddy's lap..
*you trap his dick between his stomach and your center.. you slowly move your hips up and down along his dick and your clit hit every delicious ridge and vein.. he lets his head fall back and he moans and starts to move his hips opposite of yours adding to your pleasure.. it feels so fucking good but you refuse to cum until you wreck him.. Daddy needs to learn who his Mistress is. You decide to throw in some dirty talk as well*
Y/N- you like this Daddy.. huh?! You like your Mistresses wet pussy rubbing all over your hard cock.... You're gonna cum for mistress.. understand, All over that pretty chest of yours
Make a mess for me.. *Bucky moans and then smiles... he sits up and grabs the back of your neck and pulls you close.. he breaths against your open mouth.. you both smile and speed up. You grab his dick and he lets out the most beautiful, desperate moan.. your pace is relentless and you feel him wanting to explode.. he starts to beg*
Bucky- oh please mistress?!? Please!!!
*You chuckle and whisper against his lips*
Y/N- Cum Daddy... make a mess.. I want to be a good girl and clean it up.. *You bite your lip and slow your movements while releasing your grip on Bucky's Dick... He whimpers and a tear falls from his eye*
Bucky- Mmhmm yes Mistress!
*Bucky cums and explodes everywhere, on your hand, your pussy, his chest, hell some even made it up on your face.. he cums for a solid 30 seconds... you chuckle and kiss him as he comes down.. yes he is still hard*
Y/N- I'm gonna clean you up.. okay Daddy..
*Bucky smirks and shakes his head*
Bucky- Fuck Mistress... go ahead, clean Daddy up like the good little cum slut you are..
Y/N- gladly Daddy.. *You stick out your tongue and make a big show of it.. you lick up his chest and then kiss him*

Bucky- Fuck Mistress.... Get your fucking ass on the bed..
*You walk over and bend down on the bed.. you ass and wet pussy on display. You hear Bucky whisper*
Bucky- Damn baby's girl..
*As you are about to correct him he slams into you and leans you up against his chest*
Bucky- So good Mistress.. so tight and wet.. Mmhmm so wet for Daddy huh?!?
Y/N- Mmhmm fuck me Daddy!!
Bucky- with pleasure.. you want something to bite down on.. *He licks your neck* cause I'm not gonna be gentle.. this ass *he moans* and this pussy.. *He spanks you* I just can't handle it anymore.. just asking to be owned..
How does that sound Mistress... huh?!
*You whine and whimper*
Y/N- Yes Daddy!!!
*Bucky speeds up and slams into you.. being careful of the baby but still wrecking you*
Bucky- I can feel you getting close Mistress.. this sweet little pussy clenching around me, begging for more.. you wanna cum?! *You nod and scream* cum on Daddy's dick.. make a huge, fucking mess and then suck my dick clean..
*Your mouth literally waters at the thought*
Y/N- yes Daddy!! Please?!?
*Bucky pulls out all the stops and fucks you so hard you literally can't form words.. your eyes roll back and you scream as you cum, squirting everywhere... Bucky doesn't let up.. he keeps fucking you*
Y/N- yes daddy!!! Yesyesyesyes!!! Right there!! Fuck me!
*You cum again and Bucky cums inside you.. again he lasts for about 30 seconds, just spilling into you until you are full and leaking.. he pulls out and collapses back in the chair.. you turn around and get on your knees.. you crawl over and put him in your mouth.. he is hard instantly and ready to blow again*
Bucky- oh w- wait I- oh fuck me!!
*He try's to move his hips away but you hold them in place and suck as hard as you can.. you want to make sure every inch of him is clean.. he slams into the back of your throat and cums again.. he slumps in the chair and taps out.. you keep and eye on him as you walk to the closet.. you come back out with something*
Bucky- Holy shit y/n!! Wow! I- I don't know if I can-
*You stand in front of him with a strap on.. he looks at you and moans*
Y/N- Wd had a plan my naughty boy.. now get on the bed and spread you ass for me.. I wanna see you wrecked under me before we are done tonight..
*Bucky smiles and shakes his head*
Bucky- mistress *He let's out a breathy laugh* you're killing me.. but I guess it's a good way to die..
*You chuckle and slap his ass as he walks by you*
Y/N- looks so good Daddy.. I might need to get a little taste before I fuck you.. maybe stretch you open with me tongue...
*Bucky moans and falls to the bed.. he spreads his ass whimpers*
Bucky- please Mistress!?! I need your mouth on my body.. please?!
*You smirk and massage his ass*
Y/N- since you asked so nicely Daddy... *You lean down and lick his ass.. again he lets out the most desperate moan.. he is still stretched a little from earlier* Daddy.... Did you do what I asked and wear the plug all day.. *you bite your lip in hopes that his answer is yes.. he looks back at you blushing*
Bucky- yes Mistress.. I wanted to make sure you could just fuck me and not have to work at it..
*You are instantly wet.. you lean down and bite his ass.. then lick him again.. you lube him up*
Y/N- So good Daddy... you ready?!
*He nods and pushes his ass against the dildo.. he realizes how big it is.. he moans and pushes back even more. You hold his hips in place and reprimand him*
Y/N- Daddy *You warn* don't get greedy.. take what mistress gives you *He nods and whimpers*
*You push in and hit his prostate and he grips the sheets*
Bucky- ahhhhh mmmhmm mistress!!! Yes!!
*You pull out and turn Bucky over*
Y/N- I want to see your pretty face when I fuck you..
*You push back in and fuck him like he wanted this morning*
Bucky- Yes yesyesyes!!! Right there!! So! Fucking! Good!!
Y/N- You like that daddy?! Feeling needy?!? You wanna cum?!
Bucky- YES!!!
*He cums and closes his eyes... you smile and pull out.. you take off the strap and lay next to him.. you kiss his neck and rub his chest.. he slowly comes back down and looks at you*

Bucky- Wow.. holy shit... maybe Daddy and Mistress need to fuck more often!
*You laugh and high five him*
Y/N- Amen Baby!!
*He takes you in his arms*
Bucky- Okay... what's next?
*You laugh*
Y/N- How about just us-
Bucky- okay-
Y/N- In the shower
Bucky- hell yes!
*he picks you up and runs into the bathroom.. you laugh and slap his ass.. he grabs the dice*
Bucky- Oh we are nowhere near done
*You kiss him and walk back into the shower pulling him with you.. you grab his cock and stroke him and he slides his hands between your legs.. you both cum and then just make out for awhile.. just rubbing each other's bodies and kissing each other like you haven't seen each other in years*
Bucky- I love you, y/n
Y/N- I love you too, Bucky
*You stand under the water for a bit and then Bucky looks at you*
Bucky- so... who should we be next? *He smirks*

‼️Which match up of our role play should we do next?!? I'm thinking Odette.. 😏😏‼️

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