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God, how I wish masquerade masks were easier to find in stores. You would think it'd be everywhere because, y'know, Halloween.

If you thought that, then you're wrong. I cannot find any mask to go with my costume. The party is tomorrow, I don't have time for this.

"Hana, do you have to be so picky about it?" Vanessa asks, flipping through some face paints.

"I wouldn't say I was picky," I point out. I really wasn't. All of those masks looked tacky.

Nessa throws some green glitter into her basket and starts walking down the aisle. I follow after her, and some of the other customers here look at me like I'm a sad puppy following a stranger on the sidewalk.

Maybe I do look like a sad puppy but don't make it known that you think the same thing. Damn.

"I mean, it's just for one party, that red one would've been alright-" She pauses everything and dashes for more glitter at the end of the shelves. "Hana! Come look, they have heart-shaped glitters!"

She knows me too well. I quickly take a spot next to her and scan for any red sparkles for my makeup. I saw this picture on Pinterest that was really cute, I just don't know if I can pull it off. But we'll see soon enough.

"Oh!" Her hand reaches up and grabs a container that's filled with red hearts. "We're getting it."

"I wasn't going to talk you out of getting it," I roll my eyes, picking out a few glitters more for my paintings.

We roam the other aisles filled with stuff for Halloween until we're in the last row. I'm looking at dresses that feel like they would be really itchy if I wore them when Vanessa yells my name.

"What? What's wrong?" I immediately ask, running over to her.

"Look at this! It's perfect for your costume!" She exclaims, showing me.

My mouth gapes as I take it from her hands. It looks like it was customized for my outfit. The mask is gold and has red gems as decoration. It matches my costume to a T.

I don't know what that saying means, I've just heard it a lot.

"I love you so much." I tell her, and it is the whole truth.

Nessa grins, "I know." She takes the mask from my hands and throws it into the basket, "Come on, we still have to meet your lady friends."

She says it like we're about to meet strippers but in reality, it's just Sofia and Lina. Dani couldn't make it because she has to deal with a case with Dexter. Double D's.



"This pasta is amazing," Sofia mumbles and we all nod in agreement, too much food in our mouths to talk. The food may have taken forever to arrive, but it is so worth it.

I introduced Vanessa to Sofia and Lina and they're getting along great. They've mostly just asked Nessa about her writing career but she loves talking about it, so she doesn't mind.

"Oh, Sof," I get her attention once I finish my food, "I forgot to ask for the address of the party tomorrow."

Her eyes widen in realization and she nods quickly, still chewing. She holds up her pointer finger as she digs into her bag for a couple of seconds, then pulls out a pen and starts writing down the address on a spare napkin.

I could've given her a torn-out sheet of paper from my notepad but it's a little too late for that. She finally swallows while handing the napkin to me, "Here you go! Sorry I didn't give it to you sooner."

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