39|| Tears

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"Ace" my mom whispered brushing away the tear that had fallen from my red eyes

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"Ace" my mom whispered brushing away the tear that had fallen from my red eyes. My mother continued to brush her finger against my sisters cheek.

"Mom" I sobbed and she smiled sympathetically.

"I love you" she said and I let more tears run down my cheeks.

She's saying good bye.

More yelling sounded from downstairs and the next thing I heard footsteps approaching the room my mother had pulled me into.

Pushing myself up the wall, I buried my face in my hands.

"It's okay Ace, you will be safe" she assured and I kept my face buried in my hands.

"Mom!" I screamed out as I watched the door open.


He gripped my mothers arm, pulling her back against his front. Taking his gun he pointed it right at her head.

Looking at me, he smiled and then turned his head to my sister who had tears streaming down her face.

"Please Michael I'll do anything, just don't hurt them" My mother pleaded. "Don't hurt me" she whispered, her voice cracking.

"Will you fucking shut up?" Michael questioned, gripping my mother's blonde hair tightly.

"Mom" I sobbed.

"Oh don't worry children, it's a deal made with the devil" he laughed and I didn't get time to process his words when a bullet sounded.

I watched as the bullet penetrated my mothers head and let out startled scream.

My mother dropped to the floor, bleeding to death as my sister and I watched.

My heart thumped against my rib-cage, I felt my air way closing in, the memory of that night still fresh on my mind. Shaking my head I tried to focus on the problem right now.

Five minutes, that's all I had to get Avery and all of my members out of here before the place went up in flames.

The Russians. I had no idea where they were. I don't think Silas realizes his own members are missing.

"Ace" Java said slowly and I ignored him. He can tell something is wrong, but at this moment the only thing I care about is getting my girl out of here.

Holding my gun I tucked it in my pocket and took shallow breaths trying to keep my heart rate steady that was beating ridiculously fast,

"For fucks sakes" I muttered when Kina's face appeared right in front of me.

"Idiot, you're supposed to be out of here already" she scolded and right now I could care less about what she has to say.

Rushing out the hallway I looked at burnt walls and then at the dead bodies lying on the floor. Blood painted the expensive tiled floor and I almost felt bad for Silas, his building is about to be in flames.

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