Chapter 22

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He inches closer to me. I realize I'm still sitting on this bed. I slowly kick my heels off.

"You have no idea how you make me feel, Genesis."

Im slowly scooting back until I notice the gleam of the shiny black object tucked between his pants.

At that moment a rush went through my body. I felt hope but I also felt horror. I decide to brace myself for what I needed to do. I spend a split second mourning the loss of my dignity.

I place my hands on his chest. I wonder how long I have to act until I can get my hands on his gun.

He tilts my chin to meet his eyes.
"You are safe with me, amore." He whispers.

I stay silent. And it's not long before he's kissing me. Hungrily. I'm frozen in 50 layers of disgust. Only wishing it was another person. But then the memories flood back. And I remember to pretend.

I pull him close to me and grab onto his shirt, desperately. And then I kiss him back. Hard.
He's fully encouraged and begins exploring my body with his hands.

And for a split second I forget what I'm doing and let him, without reacting. I snap out of it and begin to undo his buttons. It feels like there are billions of them. I eventually just rip the whole thing open and the buttons fly in every direction.

He lets out a smirk. I need his gun. I'm not skilled enough to over power him alone. This gun could possibly be my only chance left.

I'm pulling and tugging on his shirt, trying to get it off his shoulders, and he assists me. He begins pulling the straps down my shoulders. I need to hurry but he isn't close enough yet.

I'm afraid if I give myself away now, then I won't accomplish anything. Other than making him want to kill me. He grips my hips and pushes me down on the bed. He begins tackling my neck with his lips and I can't think straight. He's devouring me and tasting me.

I have to remember to focus. Theres something between us that I hadn't anticipated. And I want it gone. His lips find mine again and I slither my arms around his waste and I wrap my fingers around the gun.

He freezes.

He pulls away from my lips slowly.

I yank the gun out of his pants and quickly place it on his stomach and I shoot.

The gun was louder than I thought. Run. Run fast and get out the window. They might hear and come. I dash to the window push it open.

I glance back and see him shriveled on the bed. The grey sheets, now saturating in his blood. I'm grateful that for once it's his blood and not another's.

I stick my leg out and look at the view down below. I let out a scared sound and I stick my other leg out.

I'm hesitant to jump until I hear loud pounding on the door. His men must've heard the gun shot.

Screw it.

I jump and land, with my hands catching me. I'm stationed on another roof. There's one more roof below me and then I touch ground.

I jump again and land in the same position.

I hear yelling from high up, where I jumped. I hop down and begin running.

I have no idea which way I should run to. I run over a stone bridge and come across a small little town. I see a driver.

I knock on the window and they roll it down.

"I need a ride." I say, looking back to make sure I'm not being followed.

"It's going to cost you." He says.

I look around and I see the ring on my hand. It's a little bloody around the edges but it has to do. I slip it off and hand it to him. He takes a second as he examines it.

"Can you give me a ride or not?!" I yell.

"Sì, get in." He finally says.
I jump in the backseat and tell him where to go.
The ride there seemed like a long while. He keeps glancing in his rear view, probably in fear of all the blood I'm wearing.

I stop him a few miles down from my home. I run out and begin running towards the gate. I slip in and run to the front door.

I knock repeatedly, until Gino comes to the door.

"Genesis?!" He exclaims.
I push past him and walk in.

I practically collapse on the ground due to exhaustion.

"What are you doing here? Did Don Car-" he begins.

"Gino. You were my fathers most trusted advisor, protector and family friend. But I'm in danger now." I say as I lay on the cold tile.

He nods, wanting me to continue.

"I need you to get me hidden. Off the radar. My background needs to wiped and I have to be gone. Off the face of this earth. Do you understand?" I say.

"Yes." He says.

"Genesis, with your father being dead, and your marriage now broken, you do realize, you are the heir to the leader of the Sangue azzurros." He says as he kneels down next to me.

"Yes.." I mumble.

"I need you to fly with me to the Dominican Republic. I have to get a marriage break signed. He refused it." I imply.

He nods again. "We can take you to the safe house, where you can live and train to be the leader there." He says.

He stands back up and extends his arm for me.
I refuse it and stand up on my own.

"And I want to find Moretti. I want him dead." I say.

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