-Chapter Twenty two-

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In the morning

Alice and Leo already awake and there also almost ready themselves and they already eat there breakfast and they already in the living waiting Leo's parents

Leo what time your parents coming here? Alice said

Am They come here at 7:30 Leo said

Oh that's why you awake early hahaha Alice said

Yeah I know Leo said

Leo's parents came at Leo's mansion

I think mom and dad already here and I will help them just wait here Alice Leo said

Oh ok Alice said

Leo my boy Anna Heiro said
Hi son Kevin Heiro said

Hi mom and dad and nice to see you again Leo said

Yeah but where's Alice Anna Heiro said

Will I told her that she only wait at the living room and also she was watching news Leo said

Oh will I'm really excited to go inside to my son house again hehehe Anna Heiro said

Leo and his parents go inside

Oh Alice my daughter in law I'm so happy to see you again Anna Heiro said

Am yeah same too and I'm happy to see you Mr and Mrs. Heiro

Alice don't call me and Leo's dad Mr and Mrs. Heiro just call us mom and dad ok Alice Anna Heiro

Am ok Mrs. I mean mom hehehe

Will me and Leo already done preparing the meal today and the table also ready Alice said

Oh I'm excited to eat cause me and my wife is already hungry right now Kevin Heiro said

Yeah Darling and let's go to the kitchen Anna Heiro said

Will I can't believe your parents agree that I can call them mom and dad Alice said

Hehehe yeah and also they already at think at you that your there daughter in law Leo said

Yeah but it's kinda embarrassing at me hehehe Alice said

Leo's parents done eating Alice and Leo prepared meal

Alice my dear can we talk in the library Anna Heiro said

Am ok mom Alice said

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