-Chapter Twenty Three-

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At the library

Am Alice how's your life here it's fine or not? And Leo did hurt you? Anna Heiro said

It's fine and also Leo never hurt me and he so sweet and overprotective at me Alice said

Oh I'm happy to hear that and I can't believe you and my son are already in relationship Anna Heiro said

Yeah me and Leo already in relationship Alice said

But Alice seen you and my son in relationship but you promise me that two of you will stay forever your relationship and I want you your the wife of my son cause I really knows that your a kind, loving person Anna Heiro said

Am yeah I promise I never rather to break up in Leo and really are you really wanted that I'm going to be future wife of Leo Alice said

Yes dear we want you Anna Heiro said

Oh but how's your life also with your husband today Alice said

It's fine also Alice and did your mother accept that I send the mail at her Anna Heiro said

Am I don't know cause I never communicate in mom today maybe I will tell her later and I'm already miss them to visit Alice said

Oh maybe next time you can visit them or you can make them come here Anna Heiro said

Am ok hehehe Alice said

Will Alice I think I gonna go in the bathroom first and you can go right now Anna Heiro said

Am ok Alice said

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