-Chapter Twenty Four-

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In the evening
(At the kitchen)

Am I think I gonna ready the dinner maybe Leo's parents think of me that I'm not helping for preparing the meals Alice POV

Am excuse me? Can I help here for preparing the dinner Alice said

Am it's ok Miss Alice I think you really need to take a sit me and my friend will prepare for you maid #3 said

Am no no I really need to help and please don't be shy at me I will help you always if you want you know it's really bored here I wanted to do house chores here Alice said

Am maybe Mr. Leo Will mad on us that we didn't do our work that's why we never do work here Maid #2 said

But don't worry I gonna tell Leo Alice said

And let me help you know I'm the one will arrange the plates Alice said

Am ok Miss Alice if you want to and by the way I'm the one will arrange the meal
Maid #1 said

After Alice and the maid arrange the table

Wow I'm so impressed Alice and also three of you my dear maid and I'm excited to eat I know that's so delicious Anna Heiro said

Am thanks Madam Anna Maid#1 ,#2 and #3 said

Your welcome and let's eat and am maid can told my husband and my son do come down and eat the dinner right now Anna Heiro said

Am sure Madam I will Maid #2 said

After the maid call the husband of Anna and Leo

Oh that's smell so good Kevin Heiro said

Yeah I know will who's the one cook this
Anna Heiro said

Am me madam and also Miss Alice help us preparing the tables Maid #1 said

Oh and so let's eat I know we're hungry hehehe Anna Heiro said

After they eating there dinner

(At the Alice room)

Am Alice am... are you busy right now Leo said

Am nope why Leo Alice said

Nothing why did you even help those maid and also you only take a sit only you don't need to work Leo said

Am Leo you know what as a woman we really need to do house chores and that only the guy wanted in the girls and I really want to impress me that I helping Alice said

Sigh if you want to but don't be really be stress and tired ok Leo said

Yeah Alice said

I think I gonna call first mom and dad I really miss them Alice said

Am ok im gonna go out I gonna go to my room right now Leo said

Am ok Alice said

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