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Valen jerked violently. She was screaming no as she tried to fight whoever was in her dream. Soft hands cuffed her face. They lifted her head off the cold concrete floor, which she had been sleeping on. She slowly opened her eyes to see Peter smiling right at her. Her eyes started to fill up with tears of joy to finally see him again.

"You're looking like me having those nightmares."

"Peter, how did you get here?" Her voice was corse but full of happiness and relief.

"I had help. We're all here. We're going to take you back home, okay?"

Valen nodded her head profusely. She hugged him tightly and squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to ever let go of him again.

"I can't believe you guys found me."

"We would never leave you, V. We've been looking for you nonstop."

Valen kissed Peter. She kissed him over and over, a smiling spreading wider each time. "I love you."

Peter smiled and helped her stand up. "I love you too."

A loud bang startled Valen. Steve had hit the bars of her imprisonment with his shield. "Wake up."

"Huh?" Valen looked at Steve weird.

"Wake. Up. WAKE UP!"

Valen woke up with a jolt. She looked around in her cell for Peter, but he wasn't there. A tear slipped from her eye realizing it was a dream. Peter and the Avengers, hadn't found her yet. She was still stuck in literal hell.

The guard laughed. "Was that a tear I just saw?"

Valen, with a flick of her hand, shot out a knife at the guard. He collapsed to the ground holding the wound that was in his neck. She scurried over to the bars and reached out her hand to grab his keys. Her face was pressed hard against the metal, trying to add a few inches to her reach. When she finally reached them, she unlocked her cell and started to run to find her way out.

Two men walking by spotted her. They came at her with their electric sticks to shock her. She dodged one stick to right then back-kicked her leg into the guys kneecap. Valen then took an ice knife to stab the second guy as she spun back around to face him.

With both of them no longer in her way, she continued forward. She came upon a four-way intersection. Men were running at her from each hallway, giving her no way to go. She turned invisible to make them lose their track on her.

They had her surrounded, but luckily enough for her, a man was standing with his legs apart. Valen took this advantage to slide through them, but it would only work if he didn't move. Right when Valen got through, the man she just slid underneath moved forward, hitting her foot.

He turned around and starting to shoot at the ground. He stopped shooting when there was no blood or body in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Another man asked, thinking he was insane for shooting at the empty ground.

Valen rolled over and kicked his gun from his hands. She stood up and made herself visible. She waved hello before turning back invisible to jump on him. He fell backwards onto the floor. The other men raised their guns at him.

"DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!" The man had his hands in the air yelling.

Valen carefully and quietly got off of him in case they did decide to shoot. She was back in the middle trying to figure out how to get out. She turned visible once more hoping to make the men shocked on her sudden appearance again, even if it only lasted for a second.

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