Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

I pushed away the branches that kept hitting me in the face. 

I was now in the woods where the Elementals had found this source of dark power. I was going to fix this and make it right. I was going to make this right for Duke and the other Elementals including Fay. 

No matter how much I hate her. 

I reach an open part of the woods where there was no grass or anything just bare soil. 

I stood there waiting and waiting for it. I knew it was coming. 

"Hello dear." a sick voice said. 

I look more up to see a man standing there who had black air swirling around him as if he was possessed. I instantly took a step back. 

"Talon..." I said speechless. 

He was different from before. He talked towards me but stopped in the middle of the open space as if tempting me to walk the other half. His brown hair had now turned black and his blue eyes were now dull.

Something wasn't right. This wasn't Talon. It was a sick creature. 

"Talon. What happened to you?" I asked walking a bit but stopping so that I wasn't close to him. 

"What do you mean, my dear? I'm completely normal." He said in a sickening tone almost making me feel like puking. 

"Who are you? You are not Talon. Talon doesn't call me dear. Who the hell are you?" I shouted at the person in front of me. 

"Oh my, my. My dear has grown. You're smarter than you thought." A voice different from Talon came out of Talon. 

"And you're dumber than I thought. Father." I said glaring at him. 

The black air around Talon disappeared into Talon. The black air leaked out of Talon's body and started to take form. Talon's body drops to the ground. 

My father appeared in front of me with a sick grin on his face. He was wearing all black with a black cape. He looked down at Talon with a look of disgust before looking back at me. 

"What a smart and beautiful daughter I have? You seem to have gotten all your smartness from me and your beauty from your mother." He said smiling at me. 

"I haven't gotten anything from you just the thing needed to make me and the thing from mother. Other than that I have nothing from you." I said glaring at him. 

"Oh really, my dear." He said before walking towards me. 

I didn't move back or forward. I just stood there. I wasn't going to give in to him. I wasn't going to show him weakness. 

He stood in front of me. Placing his hand on my cheek. I felt sick. It felt disgusting and greasy. It wasn't warm or soft like Duke's hand. 

"You have more of me in you than you know it dear. Your heart is full of hatred and anger. You want to kill those that hurt you. You want to do so much bad stuff to the people who you help because they don't show back their gratitude. You want to do soo much, my dear. It's tempting isn't it." He whispered. 

I stare at him not saying anything. He smiled a sick grin again before walking back to Talon who was laying down on the ground. I watch as my father sits on Talon's back. 

"Do you like my present dear? It's truly fascinating isn't it?" He asked looking at me before putting more weight on Talon. 

"Why him?" I asked my father. 

"Why? Because he controls your heart. I can see the look of hurt on your face as I sit on this idiot. If I control him, I control your heart. It's it that simple dear. Now you have to do what I say to save your lover." He said. 

Little did he knew that Talon doesn't control my heart. He never did. He was just a lost soul that I wanted to help. The one that has my heart is Duke, not Talon. 

"How long have your been possessing him?" I asked looking at my father. 

"Since I left you at that orphanage. I saw him and he was the same age as you. I decided to use him. He has such a weak soul. It's almost pathetic." He said. 

So that's way Talon acted the way he did. I was right and Charlie was wrong. I knew there was good in his heart. 

"So how is my pathetic use of son doing?" He said causing me to clench my fist. 

"Ohh, such a powerful reaction." He cooed making me want to punch him. 

"He is doing fine. He is actually training all the other Elementals. He's being a good mentor and is part of the council." I said. 

"Don't lie. He isn't doing well at all. After taking care of those Elementals the other day. They were pathetic at fighting. I make me even more proud to have a powerful daughter like you. You can't be compared to them. They're weak except for that fire elemental. He's stronger than he lets them know."

"Is that why you attacked him yesterday? He was the most damaged out of everyone." I stated watching him closely. 

"Got to get rid of the competition for my baby girl. I wanted you to be the top and now you are. You just have to make a decision that will decide your course forever, my dear." He said while poking Talon. 

"On what exactly? Father." I said staring at him.

"I know the darkness of your heart. It more than you think. The hurt and pain are very powerful things. You want revenge. You want it badly. Don't deny it, my dear. So what's it going to be?"

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