-Chapter Twenty Five-

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Alice call her parents

Am hello mom Alice said

Am hi dear omg I already miss you and how are you right now? Xia Tong said

Am I'm fine mom and Leo's parents it's here and how about you mom how are you and also dad Alice said

We're fine dear will Leo's parents it's good treating at you dear did they tell you something bad or something? Xia Tong said

Am there are so sweet mom and they treat me good and Leo it's also sweet and gentle guy mom Alice said

Oh good to hear dear will... what date do you come back here dear? Xia Tong said

Am I don't know mom if I'm not busy I will come back there and also me and Leo were already in relationship right now he's now my boyfriend Alice said

Really dear I'm so happy and just still remember this always if Leo rather to hurt you just call me or else just come back home ok Xia Tong said

Ok mom I promise I always remember that what you said thanks mom love you and I miss you tell dad that I miss him too take care of yourself mom same as too in dad Alice said

And also you dear I love you and take care of yourself and miss you too and good night sweet dream Xia Tong said

Good night too mom and sweet dream too Don't be late in bed time Alice said

Yeah dear Bye bye Xia Tong said

Bye mom Alice said

Sigh, finally I'm also done calling and it's time to sleep cause I'm kinda tired *yawn*
Alice said

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