Bonus Chapter 1

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Hello, my beautiful, I've never even imagined that my book Mr. Billionaire's Heart will get this much love from you all, so here, I've to continue the series bonus chapters,

Important note:-
The scenes in this chapter are from the past time, after one month of Eternity's kidnapping, and that phase where Eternity losses her virginity to Aaron and her pregnancy phase.

Chapter 1

Eternity pov

I looked outside from the window, as the coffee mug I was holding is giving me warmth in such a cold weather

It's been a month since that kidnapping incident when Fabian Crave kidnapped me, tortured me, and then Aaron, my husband, comes to save me

I've got nightmares since that day, there are times in the night when I woke up screaming and trembling in fear

But, now I'm healing from that mental trauma as Aaron was always here to take care of me, to

"Baby, I'm home," Aaron entered our bedroom

I smiled and he approached me and kissed my lips gently

"So, how was your day," I smiled

"Torturous without you," he hugged me inhaling my fragrance

"Mr. Knight just stop being so cheesy," I teased and gently pushed him away  and he pouted

"I love you," he whispered and kissed me again

"But, I love you more," I laughed and unbuttoned his shirt

Aaron's eyes become slightly widened seeing what, I'm doing

"I'm perfectly fine now Aaron, now I want you to make love to me, to make me yours, physically too," I growled and kissed him while fisting his opened shirt

It was not even more than a moment and I was slammed on my back on our bed

⚠️ Mature content ahead ⚠️

"Eternity, you don't even have any idea how badly I want you," he growled and quickly pulled away from his shirt and kissed me very hard

I breathed heavily as his hands roamed over my body and slowly he pulled away from my nightgown, leaving me just in my lingerie

My cheeks reddened, with a small gasp when he grabbed my bottom and kissed me on my chest, I closed my eyes and bit my lips, to stop myself from moaning so loud, even all the servants and maids are in the servant quarter but still, I've felt weird

I looked at him with furrowed brows, when I felt something, so thick, and hard and long against my vagina

His strong and gentle hands began to stroke me, his hands, his lips, his tongue,

I gasped and tears slid down, from my eyes, when that thick, long, and hard thing, pushed inside of me, but then

"Ahh, I think I can't be able to fit this, the thing inside of me," more tears comes out from my eyes

"Are you alright Eter, shit did I hurt you," he wiped away tears from the corner of my eyes and was about to get away but I grabbed his arm

"No, please, don't, just give me a moment let me get comfortable, and let me get your this long and very hard thick thing inside of me," I cried out and tilted my head deep against the pillow

I laid there for a moment and bend forward and he leaned more against me

"Ahh, Aaron," I screamed so loud when I felt something tearing inside of me, even more tears slid down from the corner of my eyes

seems like Aaron understand my feelings and began thrusting me slowly and so gently

Gentle. Not frightening. Knowing what he was doing. I felt my nipples rise, and it startled me.

'Shhh,' he whispered. 'Shhh, it's all right, don't worry, just relax and listen to your body.'

He was slow, rhythmic, gentle, moving down my body, down . . .

And I was nothing but my body

There was a sharp brief pain


And then a sweet spasm went through me

And it seemed to rise into the air

No more pain

Just the sweetness

The incredible

Oh, the

My body trembled so badly, I fisted the bedsheets beneath my hands, gasping

And then Aaron panting, he paused and looked at my face

I closed my eyes and tilted my head deeper on the pillow, as I felt something very warm, going inside of my abdomen,

"Fuck yes," Aaron growled and went deeper and filled me with his seeds

I pressed him hard against me

I breathe heavily and am about to close my eyes,

"Ahh," I moaned again when Aaron, again started thrusting me, but this time so faster and deeper and so hard

"A...Aaron," I grabbed this shoulders when an unbearable pleasure erupted inside of me, but he was busy sucking my lips

"Amazing," he growled and went deeper

"A...A...Aaron pleases slow down, ahh...," I screamed

"No, I can't, you have to understand this one thing, I'm not a vanilla lover, I was gentle because I don't want to hurt you because I love you, and it was your first time but when I fuck my women, I was and never will be gentle, you're my women, and I love you so much, but I will fuck you as hard as I could, so you'll never leave my bed early in the morning, and until your these beautiful legs didn't have any ounce of energy, to even walk," he said and again thrust so hard like an animal

My vagina was so sore making my orgasm, faster this time, he again thrust me and I screamed his name so loudly

"P....please, I don't have the energy to take it again," but Aaron again started thrusting me so hard,

"come on, just one more," he said and I gasped in that amazing pleasurable sensation again,

Honestly, I was enjoying it as much he was, even I was tired as hell and very sore but now I don't wanna sleep, this moment is so amazing, and I want time to stop here forever, I've never felt such kind of intense pleasure.

And I know, I'm not sleeping today's night, but I love this too because it's Aaron, my heart wants to accept everything he was giving me either pain or pleasure.

Hello, my beautiful readers, okay how's this chapter, I know you all
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