#24 A Cry baby

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Loud chatters are heard among the Toman members when Hanma emerged from behind Mikey along with Chifuyu. There is tension in the air due to this,"The hell is that Valhalla bastard doing at a Toman meeting?" someone spat as y/n feels her heartbeats drumming in her ears. Just what is going on? She really hope her guts are wrong at what is going to go down.

[Chifuyu and Hanma? What's going on here Mikey?] Takemichi thought with nervousness,"As you all know in the Bloody Halloween battle, Valhalla had 300 men to Toman's 150 and despite those odds because all of you did your best, we still managed to claim victory! And now, vice-commander Hanma has something he wants to say!" Mikey announces and Hanma took that as his cue to step up.

"I'm Hanma Shuji from Valhalla!" everyone scowls at his name as y/n looks on with curiosity,"Valhalla hasn't had an actual commander for a long time! So, after losing this battle we have as a group, decided to reorganize under Toman!" Hanma announces, shocking y/n greatly as the chatter starts up again,"Valhalla and the Tokyo Manji Gang are now officially allies!" Hanma yells,[So, my hunches were correct. Both gangs are merging under one name now.] y/n thought as her fists clenches at the thought.

"What? So all 300 members of Valhalla are going to be under Toman?!"

"That means Toman's gonna have 450 members."

"Dude! Toman's gonna be awesome!"

"Yeah! Unbeatable!"

"Toman rules!!!"

The crowd starts to chant Toman's name with their fists raised in the air while Takemichi watches them with pure anxiety as his thoughts tries to process everything,[Hey, wait a sec. Something's wrong here. We finally managed to avoid having Mikey kill Kazutora! But, now if this dude joins up with Toman, and then Toman and Valhalla combine forces... It's gonna mean...]

"So..." Hanma's voice snaps Takemichi out of his thoughts,"Now for the guy who brought Mikey and me together! It's only because of him that this all worked out!" he says,[He couldn't possibly mean...] y/n thought with wide eyes as her mouth runs dry,"So come on up here, Tetta Kisaki!" Hanma announces and Toman awes at the news.

*Kisaki is the enemy.*

Baji's voice rings through y/n's head,[Right... How could I be so stupid? Tetta, is still an enemy. He's... My enemy.] she thought with gritted teeth as Kisaki stalks towards the front of the crowd, receiving praises and handclaps from everyone else,[Is he... My enemy?] conflicts weighs her mind at this.

As Kisaki made his way up front, Takemichi's breathing became heavier as Kisaki turns to face the cheering crowd,[We're gonna get taken over!] Takemichi panics as his breathing hitches in his throat just as Mikey and Hanma shook hands, Kisaki placing his hand on top of their's to show that the alliance has now been sealed. Valhalla is officially a part of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

[Baji sacrificed his life to protect Toman and now Kisaki's just gonna take it over! That means in the future, Toman's still going to end up evil... Did I mess it up again...?] Takemichi thought with pure horror and fear.

"There's one more thing I'd like to say!" Mikey states and everyone quiets down,"We gain some things at the Bloody Halloween, but we lost some things too. Our first division captain, Keisuke Baji, has been forced to leave Toman temporarily." he announces and everyone is saddened at this. Even Smiley wasn't smiling!

"I urge you all to deeply reflect upon this truth and find a way to accept it. We can only be glad that he survived the Bloody Halloween thanks to the Inugawa Yakuza cousins, to which Yuma Inagawa sacrificed his life to save Baji's own! And thanks to our very own Yakuza slash Toman member, y/n Inagawa, it's all thanks to her that both of them are still alive today!" Mikey says and a few Toman members claps y/n on the back with thankful grins and words.

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