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Makkari leans against my door frame in my bathroom as I sit in front of my vanity braiding my hair up nicely, she signs to me "You know Ajak said for Phastos to go out for the party not you."

I smile to her and sign "I know, but we deserve to enjoy ourselves. We can dance, drink! You are still coming along with me right?"

She nods and signs "If they get mad I'm blaming you."

I laugh and sign "Not surprising. Come here. I want to braid that pretty long hair of yours."

She walks over and sits beside me, I spin in my chair and undo her ponytail. I brush through her hair and start a long braid at the top of her head.

God her hair is so long.

Knitting my fingers through her bair as I wind it into a long braid I mile to her as she watches me through the mirror in front of her

I enjoy my time with Makkari.

She's hilarious, no one makes me laugh as hard as she does

The long french braid comes to an end and I tie it off at the end.

I sign to Makkari "All done."

She nods and I walk away from her. She mocks my dark eyeshadow I created but I don't care.

I think it looks beautiful. And I like it

She signs "Did you rub dirt on your eyelids?" I roll my eyes and sign "Phastos may create weapons and other inventions but he doesn't make many things for women. I'm calling it eye shadow!"

She scrunches up her face and signs "It looks like you have two black eyes."

I sigh and walk away from her looking for my dress in my closet. I enter the closet and grab the dress hanging.

I roll my hand over the fabric as my smile widens at my excitement over the new dress

I slide into it and leave the closet as my hands remain pressed against my waist

I follow Makkari out and we sneak past Ajak and Phastos and the others. My eyes widen as we see Gilgamesh and Thena come straight towards us with annoyed look on their faces

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