sky fall

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"We were together,
it was enough."


Gaia lays like an inchworm in the sand dunes with her face in the sand. She looks ridiculous. Gaia slips into Mahd Wy'ry. Her eyes go white and she shakes violently for a few minutes, her mind attempting to not slip. Gaia gasps in her sleep and slips fully into mad weary.



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Centuries ago in a different lifetime-

Staring at the sand under my feet I shake my head dizzily. I reach forward blinking away the blurriness. I see the bright sun and the beautiful landscape in front of me. I step into the forests looking around at my surroundings. My hands skim over the dewed bushes close by.

I step towards the visible smoke shown. I hear loud laughing and I see the other Eternals seated there. Kingo shouts "We were just wondering where our little flashlight went!" I smile and say "Had to use the ladies room." Sprite smiles and says "You look so pretty, Gaia."

I spin for them and say "Why thank you Sprite. I like the red on you. You look gorgeous."

She smiles to me and I blow her a kiss as I look around for him. Sersi says "He's out by the cliff." I look to them as I chew on the side of my lip, "Who?" Kingo says "We can tell you're looking for lover boy." I scoff and say "I don't know what on earth you're talking about." Sprite says "A certain mind controller that you have the hots for." I bite down on my quickly forming grin. Makkari signs "I'd prefer that she goes soon before he comes looking for her. I don't need to see all that macking of the lips and tongue. I'd prefer keeping my dinner down."

I shake my head and say "You all need to get a life." Kingo jokes "Why should we? We'll just continue on living vicariously through you!"

I groan and walk away. I approach the cliff and see Druig sitting on a rock looking at the huge waves crash over the tall rocks in the water below us. I slowly and quietly approach him. I loop my arms around the front of him and rest my chin on his head. My hair falls down into his face and he says with a raspy accent "Gaia."

I kiss the top of his head and rub my hands down his chest. He rests his hands on my forearms and says "Coconut." I lean my head over his shoulder and look to him. He grabs a strand of my hair and wiggles it around in my face. He laughs and says "Coconut." I laugh and say "You just repeating coconut is not gonna make any sense until you tell me what coconut stands for Dee."

He tilts towards me and looks up at me. He grabs the sides of my hair and smushes it to my face. I laugh and he says "You don't smell the coconut in your hair?"

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