out cast

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Outcasts are werewolves  who have given up on life itself. They have no pack there like wondering wolves with bad tempers. They abide by no rules and do what they like. Once it was told that they are fated to no mate.

Outcasts are lone wolves, but there more dangerous and have no desire to join packs. Infact it is common to find dead Outcasts as Outcast do tend to kill each other. They could never get along with any wolve.

   That's why it would be extremely hard  for a whole bunch of them to simultaneously attack an entire pack together.

Me and the outcast fell hard on the floor. I grabed a nearby stick and placed it in between his jaws to keep them from munching on my throat. His breath smelled like death itself.

"Get off of her!" Lilly cried out and kicked the Outcast, he jumped off of me to avoid it. Lilly helped me up as he circled us. He barred his teeth, showing off his large yellow fangs.

     "If we break his legs then he won't be able to follow us when we run"

   "He'll heal"

   "Not fast enough"

  He continued to circle us, eyeing lilly. They always go after lilly and its their biggest mistake.

  He ran straight for lilly, i grabbed her hand and pulled her away as soon as he lunged. The outcast growled in frustration and this time headed for me.

    I could feel my eyes burning my vision enhancing, adrenaline pumping in my vains. I haven't felt this excited in a while.

   He lunged for me and i let him, we both fell. I felt some weight off my shoulders and back.We twisted and turned, his fangs barely scraping my face. I held onto his jaw to keep from enclosing on my neck.

     Now, i thought as i felt more strength being pumped into my hands my eyes felt like they were burning.

  With one swift movement i slammed his head into the ground, a whine escaped his jaws as i held him down.

  "Lilly! Now"

   "I know!" she shouted and took a powerful kick to one of the Oucats legs. He cried and whined as i herd the bones shatter in his leg.

     "Come on run!" Lilly told me as she ran through two oak trees. I quickly followed her, leaving an opening for the Outcast to bite my legs. He didn't take it, odd.

    We ran for about 20 minutes and stopped to catch our breaths. We turned our heads to the sky as a howl erupted from where we just came from.

"Where's your backpack!?" Lilly asked me. I didn't feel the straps on me.

"crap i must've dropped it!" i dropped to the ditry floor examining my body for any severe wounds.

"That Outcast had about a hundred ways to actually hurt you! But he didn't take it"

I grabed the end of my T-shitt and whipped the small trickle of blood off my forehead.

"I didn't leave that meny openings"

"You didn't, but he was holding back" i looked up at lilly her eyes brows frowned in concerns.

  "Whatever the case is we have to go back" 

  "No somethings not right about that Outcasts"

  Lilly likes danger, she thrives for it. But only when she is the only one at risk.

"We have too, all our food is in there"

  "We have nature to provide for us" she opened her arms wide.

"One of the elders gave me a piece of her Green Apple pie" lillys eyes lit up.



Before i could say anything Lilly grabed my arm and we speed walked back to where the Outcast was.

"no food should be left behind!" She chanted.

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