cosmic coldness

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"You give me butterflies."
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I sit on the wooden drafters in the dining hall. Ajak and I had a heated discussion. I snuck out earlier to help the citizens with the flash floods in their town and she caught me helping them. She told me my immaturity was going to get me killed. That I was expected to be better then this. That she was disappointed with how I was behaving.

I lay flat on the beams tossing up a orb of light wasting time in attempt to cool myself down. Even though I'd rather go save families from the floods in town. I already attempted to leave after she yelled at me twice. She caught me again both times. It's just that those people are suffering and drowning. Losing everything they love, their children, homes, belongings, and community.

I'm meant to be Mother Earth and be the honest and trustworthy connection to the humans here but anytime they truly need me Ajak tells me to hide and go back to base.

Because I can't be perceived as a liar

They would expect me to help if I was in the area. That's what I should do, but Ajak would like me to keep up my appearances of the righteous and kind holy mother of all and hide once the killing begins

Ajak makes me do so.

Ikaris also makes me. But I don't ever listen to him.

They all make me.

They tell me we can't step in. It's natures path. We aren't made to intervene.

I was caught intervening a few weeks ago too, Ajak pulled me by the ear home. She gave me a lecture about the jobs of eternals and how that isn't one of the roles we take on. To just kill deviants and wait to return home to Olympia.

I've began to despise her. She sat and watched humans suffer knowing the powers we all hold could keep them alive and safe

It's cowardly and selfish

It isn't fair.

All is fair in love and war.

I hate that quote. If I hear that quote again I will slam my head through a wall it's untrue and doesn't pertain to me no matter how much I wish it did.

I used to really idolize Ajak. She gave me a purpose to life. Gave good advice. Now I despise the way she restricts me

I just want to do good

I want to be good. That's all.

That's all I've ever wanted

Makkari looks to Druig as they stand in the phastos' lab where Ajak just had a huge blow up with Gaia in. The whole team heard. Without surprise, everyone backed Ajak up. Well, besides two.

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