Purple Glowing Circles

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| Writer's P.O.V |

Rogue rested Sting against the pale pink semi-circle that protected the two unknown victims. After making sure his friend was comfortable he turned his attention to Tsukiko. The white-haired girl was running towards the group in front of him, her summoned shapeshifter attacking members on the left whilst the 'Leo' guy attacked the ones on the right. He watched as her summoned minions worked away at the group, how Leo's magic seemed to work closely with close combat, yet the shapeshifters depended on which form it took on. Yet Tsukiko seemed to use little magic in her attacks, instead focusing on her hand-to-hand combat with the group around her. Sting also watched her closely, although appearing silly, he knew that she would not get into his guild if she was weak. Yet, she made it difficult to judge her abilities, she had only, afterall, summoned two minions and her dagger. The very limited magic on display only made Sting pity the women for thinking she was even able to get into his guild.

Tsukiko dodged to the left as another bullet was shot at her, she ducked as a spear was lunged at her and jumped back when a claymore was swung at her. She made her dodges look graceful, twisting, turning and jumping as if she was dancing. Her pointed dagger in her hand moved with her body to attack her opponents. The deadly weapon is a complete contrast to the prettiness of her moves. Like a ballet dancer prancing on the stem of a rose bush, the thorns never harming her, yet prickling away at the people around her.

Her shapeshifters body was cut into two and the smoke was blown away by wind magic. Tsukiko looked in its direction as its outline flickered in the early sun.

"You have done enough, you may rest now." Tsukiko waved her hand towards the fading black mist and closed her eyes as her markings started to faintly glow. In the shade of the trees, Tsukiko's marking looked deadly, only glowing enough to be seen, like the eyes of a hunter just waiting for the correct time to pounce.

Leo stepped back from his fight to glance at the cause of the sudden increase of magical power to his right. Yet, in that one moment of distraction, the lion spirit nearly got attacked. Tsukiko appeared between the attacker and the victim and cut him down with little hesitation. Her once sweet smile had long vanished from her face. In complete contrast, the emotionless look on her face was much more worrying than that too-sweet-to-be nice smile that it held before.

"Leo, watch yourself." Tsukiko watched as he nodded before she vanished again. She stood in front of the pink bubble once more and twisted her dagger in her hand, a small sliver of blood flew to the floor from the cuts she had enforced onto the people before her. The darkening mist made it increasingly difficult to see what was going on. All they could see was the fluorescent markings, and sudden flicks of white hair when Tsukiko moved. She was so quick so suddenly that it was a task to keep up with her movements. Leo seemed useless now that Tsukiko was using her powers. 

Leo worked himself closer to the boys, before finally teleporting beside them. His first alight, just enough so that the people inside the barrier could see each other. Rogue turned to look at him for a second, before turning back to the fight before him. His eyes widened slightly at the hand grabbing out to the shield and the terrifying face behind him before he watched as he disappeared once again into the now thick fog. He heard the young boy and his mother gasp behind him and pulled Leo to cover them from the sight before them all, because, ultimately, there was no graceful way someone was taken down, they were just taken down. Blood and violence was clearly something that these two village people had never seen before, and he was not about to be the first one to show them.

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