Chapter 24

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Yulia's POV:

As the door opened, the nanny brought in food and a brush.

“Princess, why are you sitting on the cold floor?”

“Huh? It’s nothing.”

I was eating in a chair using a brush handed over by the nanny. A bouquet of flowers consisting of purple hyacinth caught my eyes. 



“What’s that?”

I told you to not receive anything from the villain!

Those flowers were clearly a bouquet of flowers held by the villain earlier.


“Why did you bring a bouquet?”

“If I don’t get this, I think the Duke will continue to stay there, and the Princess seems to want the Duke to return quickly.”

As soon as I heard the nanny’s words, I got up from the chair and ran to the window.

There really was no one in the place where the villain was last seen.

“Princess. If you put the flowers in a vase, you can…”

“Throw it away.”


“Throw it away! I don’t even want to see the Duke of Siegbert have it!”

“Yes, then I’ll clean it up.”

I didn’t even want to see him. I didn’t want to meet him forever.

“I want to be alone.”


The nanny left with the utensils.

When I opened the window wide with frustration, cold wind blew across my cheek.

A bird flying far away caught my vision.


But I had the illusion that the bird was getting closer and closer to this side, and soon I could see that it was not an illusion.

The big bird was definitely flying towards me.

The bird stopped in front of me. If you looked closely, a paper was tied to its feet.


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