Chapter 20

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Meanwhile, there were countless eyes on Juliana standing on the terrace with a frown. They glanced at her in secret, pretending not to look.

The curtains fluttered in the wind over the terrace. Juliana didn’t know, but she was pretty, one would think that beyond the curtains the angel had descended from heaven.

Her beauty was both a blessing and a cause of notoriety.

While looking at the Duchess, who was still alone on the terrace, and drew people’s attention, Evan approached her.

And without hesitation, he drew back the curtain. He didn’t follow her in respect of his wife, who danced and then hurried away, but she was chasing another with her eyes again.

Evan didn’t like it enough. Looking at Juliana with a blunt face, he said to her with a complex look.

“Is that kid next?”

“What do you mean?”

Juliana turned her head coyly. Then, she raised a white flag under Evan’s persistent gaze.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I told you. I’m done playing now.”

“So you’re going to stop playing with me?”

Evan grinned.

Who’s playing with who?

Juliana was a little bit upset.

No. Who was she before she realized her past life and was openly despised by the high society? Well, she didn’t give in at all and was rather proud of herself.

When asked who played with whom, she was on Evan’s side. No matter how hard it was to deal with her, he took it silently and even did his best.

He acted as if he were completely unharmed by her venom.

So Juliana became more poisonous to Evan and became a woman who poured out bad words.

And the pouring side was bound to get tired of the relationship. Juliana thought, pouting her mouth, ‘I don’t even know you.’

“Someone’s making fun of someone here. Don’t you know you’ve been bugging me a little?”


Evan opened his eyes as if he really had no idea, and Juliana took a long breath.

‘Last time, I wanted to have the seed of the Imperial City, so I participated in the auction and got the seed at a ridiculously low price. I thought it was because of my fame, but do you know how pissed I was when I realized it was all thanks to you?’

If this was a love simulation game, Evan Hilcheon was firmly at fault for Juliana Auburn’s misgivings.

Juliana was very reluctant to accept help from others for what she declared she could do on her own, although perhaps it was because of her bluff. Evan Hilcheon will never know that what he did to win her favor was rather poisonous.

Juliana crossed her arms.

“I won’t say anything. It’s only in the past. Anyway, I don’t know what the misunderstanding is, but I don’t want to play with that kid. Besides, the moron who imitates his mother’s handwriting and thinks of inviting me-.”

“Hmm. The Countess Elkelli’s wits were strange, but that’s what happened.

“Of course, Countess Elkelli will be pleased to see the Empire’s hero come. She only hates me.”

Juliana shrugged her shoulders. And before Evan caught up with her, she walked out of the terrace and said.

“At least it’s not a lie that I’m going to hang out with you to finish playing. So, don’t go anywhere. I’ll dance with you when the next song plays.”

“Are you asking me to dance again? This is so exciting.”

She was afraid of the words that came out through the teeth.

As Juliana felt like she had seen a glimpse of his true nature, she was startled and shook her heart, but forced herself to speak proudly.

“….I’m glad you’re excited.”

Juliana hastened her steps.

A drop of alcohol was desperately needed to moisten the parched throat.

* * *

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