-At Fred's Daugther's wedding- Chapter Twenty Seven

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(September 23, 2034 at Lila's and Mark Wedding Event)

Alice Are you ready to go? Leo said

Am I don't know but let's go maybe we will late at the wedding Alice said

Am ok so let's go Leo said

Am mom will me and Alice we going now in the wedding Leo said

Ok and take care bye Anna Heiro said

(10minutes at there ride)
At Lila's and Mark Wedding

Oh we're here and let's go inside the church Alice said

Oh Alice your here and this is your boyfriend Radom friend of Alice

Yeah we're here and yeah Mr.Fred Invite us to his daughter wedding Alice said

So let's take a sit now maybe later the wedding we'll be started Leo said

After the wedding

Oh thank Alice and Mister attending me and my husband wedding hehehe Lila said

Yeah your welcome Lila and I can't believe your marriage and god bless always Alice said

Oh how sweet of your Alice Lila said

Hehehe Alice said

In the evening
(At Leo's mansion)

Am mom and dad me and Alice were home Leo said

Oh welcome home son and Alice Anna Heiro said

Well how's the wedding events it's fine Anna Heiro said

It's fine mom Alice said

Am I gonna go first in my room I gonna change my dress first hehehe Alice said

Oh ok dear so just change your clothes Anna Heiro said

Well son did you even take care Alice?Anna Heiro said

Yeah and she always stuck on me Leo said

Oh very good and did something wrong at there in wedding or not? Anna Heiro said

Nope mom it's fine Leo said

Good and also just change your clothes son Anna Heiro said

Am ok mom Leo said

(At Alice room)

*Finally im done changes and I can't believe Lila is very suspicious women she even think I well be good friend with here Alice POV*

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