rescuing food!

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lillys POV

We got there in under 10 minutes since Hannah insisted we run. She's just scared of the dark that's why we have to be in and out before the sun official leaves.

Hanna crawled to another bush and waited for me. I summer sulted from where i was to the bush. She gave me your-an-idiot look which I know all to well

We stayed hidden in the bush a few minutes intell we knew the outcast was gone. "All clear" Hannah whispered and stood up, walking out into the open.

I followed her and looked around the area for Kerrys apple pie- i mean the back pack with all our food. Meanwhile Hannah looked around for her phone. I looked up at the sky. The sun was giving it last rays of light.

   A shadow hung over like a bag. It was the backpack dangling from a tree branch. How did it even get up there?

"Found it!" Hannah happily exclaimed.

   I rolled my eyes and gave her that your-an-idiot look in return.

    All she did was roll her eyes and contuined to hug her phone. I looked up at the back pack that was dangling from a branch, I tried to reach it but I was to short. Darn my lack of height.

"Hanna!" I whisperd loudly. She turned towards me.

"I need you to lift me up so I can rescue the food" Hanna nodded and lifted me in the air with me on her sholders "if you drop me I'll kill you" I told her in a serious tone. I seriously don't trust her. But we'll starve without food.

She only smirked, I reached up and was almost there when Hannahs phone went off with that bird chirping sound and she completly forgot about me! I fell back words hiting me head hard on the dirt floor.

   I looked beside me, the back pack was there. Great so it wasn't all for nothing. Im still gonna get her back though.

Hanna was texting with some one to even notice me on the floor. so I did the only thing to get her attention away from her phone.

   I reached into the back pack and pulled out the first fruit i felt.  I brushed off the dirt on my blue jeans and walked towerds hanna hiding the banna.

"You droped me!" I screamed as brought my secret fruit weapon upon her hair.

"ow, ow quit!" She whined but I didn't stope intell there was smashed bannas all over her face and cloths.

When i was done I grabed the back pack and walked ahead of her " I was playing crossy road" she said as an excuse to drop me. Hannah cleaned her face full of smashed bannas "you droped me for a game!" I looked back at her.

  "Y-no" she tried to speak. Hannah is sush a bad lier. "And why did you use a banna why not a soft pillow" hanna whined "does it look like i have a soft pillow!?"

 The sun was gone and left us in the coldness of the shadows.  We found a nearby cave and took shelter there.

We were about 20 or 30 miles away from the pack grounds. Then it hit me we are trying to find a living being and were looking for him like a lost toy!

"Hanna how are we going to find your mate" I asked she yawned and answerd "there's a pack a few miles away from here we could go check It out " she replied sleepy.

That was the last thing i herd before i closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness.


if you don't celebrate it. That's cool i hope you still eat some candy😊

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