Chapter 52: Beyond Life

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The grief was overpowering.

Leanna felt it deep in her soul, making it impossible to see past it. It was as if her vision had been replaced with pure darkness, the sounds of her cries blotting out the noise of battle.

At that moment, she was useless. She knew it and her wolf knew it, so when her wolf took over, she relinquished control without a fight. Her wolf would know what to do and she was free to collapse onto herself without dragging everyone down with her.

Climbing to her feet, Leanna's emerald eyes grew darker until they were pitch black. Claws grew from her blood-stained hands as she took in the scene before her.

Hundreds of wolves attacking each other, making it impossible to see anyone familiar.


Phoenix's voice rang through the air, and she spun around, eyes darting around. She spotted him through the large mass of people, but any attempt to move closer failed.

There's too many people. I'm going to round the Alphas. The moment they give the word, the fighting should cease. Just find somewhere safe for now. I love you.

I love you too.

The link was cut just as a wolf came at her from the left, its large teeth snapping dangerously close to her neck. Letting out a feral growl, Leanna shifted fully, shaking her fur out. Her wolf howled, adrenaline coursing through her veins as she bared her teeth menacingly.

The wolf, a rogue, snarled viciously, his dark, beady eyes zeroing in on Leanna. He snapped his jaws once but before he could lunge at her, she'd ripped his throat out, his body dropping to the ground.

Shifting back, her eyes scanned the area, immediately snapping back when she passed over someone familiar.


Curly black hair, skin pale and almost translucent, and a pair of empty, brown eyes. Her shirt was stained in blood, her fingers dripping liquid. Her nose was bloody, likely broken. She was down on her knees, over a body, and Leanna realized with a sickening twist that it was Rick's. 

Leanna's heart pumped furiously as adrenaline flooded her system and she moved toward her slowly.

Addie's eyes remained glued to the body as Leanna stopped a few feet away.

"Addie?" Her voice was low, barely a whisper.

Her former friend's eyes snapped up to her, burning hatred gleaming in her eyes. Her nostrils flared with rage, her hands trembling violently.

"Why?" Addie's voice shook with unrestrained anger. "All he wanted was for everything to stop. He didn't want to do this."

Leanna struggled with the pity and disgust that fought within her, wanting so desperately to comfort someone she once loved, yet holding back because she knew better.

"Addie," she began, taking a cautious step forward. "He wasn't good. You know this. You used to hate him, remember?"

"I was wrong!" She screamed, her chest heaving with every harsh breath. "You were wrong."

"You turned 18 shortly after I met Vincent. How many months did he hide you from the pack? How many times did he tell you not to tell anyone? Because the Addie I knew would've told me in a heartbeat the second she'd found her mate," Leanna kept her voice steady, aching for her to see reason. 

To realize that it's not too late.

Addie met her eyes, glaring darkly, "He hid me because of you. He knew you were bad. All you cause is misery. Because of you, my association with you, he didn't trust me. You ruin everything."

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