-Leo's Proposal -Chapter Twenty Eight

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One year later
At Leo's Mansion)

Am Leo you have a work today? Alice said

Am yeah Alice I have a work today and will I think I gonna go now cause maybe I be late at work Leo said

Oh ok and take care of yourself Leo and love you Alice said

Thank you Alice and also take care of yourself also and love you too and bye I have to go Leo said

Oh ok bye Alice said

(At Leo's Company)

Oh Leo your here right now Marvin Luke said

Yeah bro I'm here and I have something to help me about in proposal Leo said

Wait you about to propose to your girlfriend Marvin Luke said

Yeah bro, me and Alice we been 3 years already and I want her to marry her Leo said

Oh I'm excited about you and your girlfriend wedding huh hahaha and I'm excited to be grand parents Marvin Luke said

Marvin you know what im also excited in the wedding day and to be a father but today I was planning about in proposal Leo said

Am ok bro but what if you should try to propose in your girlfriend in Hotel Marvin Luke said

Seriously in hotel? Leo said

Yeah and just have a honeymoon there with your girlfriend bro hahaha Marvin Luke said

You know what your not helping your so suspicious Marvin Leo said

Really me didn't help you know bro if you and your girlfriend in hotel it's look nice that two of only at there and it's private Marvin Luke said

Oh ok but I'm not sure when I am to propose to her Leo said

Maybe you gonna think first when you propose and just buy her a roses and make her happy Marvin Luke said

Yeah I know I know Leo said

(Skip in 2 months later in Leo's proposal to Alice)

*Hmm now I think I'm almost ready to propose at my future Wife Leo POV*

Oh son Leo your so much handsome today huh and your ready to propose in Alice Anna Heiro said

Am I think so mom but I hope Alice will accept my proposal to her Leo said

Of course son she will accept in and you know you and Alice it's been 3 years already and she also loves you so much Anna Heiro said

Yeah your right Leo said

At the evening
(At Rosan Hotel)

Am what should we do here in Hotel Alice said

Well am just close your eyes first Leo said

Am but why I should close my eyes Alice said

Come on please just close it Leo said

Am ok I'm closing my eyes Alice said

*I know Leo you can do it Leo POV*

Am just open now your eyes Leo said and he's nervous

Am...wait! OMG Alice said

Am Alice I know we been 3 years and I want to say that...
Alice will you marry me? Will you be my wife? Leo said

Am yeah yeah I do Alice said

After the proposal

-Skip on one year later

-Continue to Chapter Twenty Nine-

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