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"You are the future."

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Gaia lays face first in the dunes as Ajak and Phastos walk by. Ajak looks to Gaia's unconscious body and says "What on earth??" A look of disappointment sets within Ajak. Gaia is such a strong and smart girl. She believes in her so deeply. What on earth has she gotten herself wrapped up in. They quickly rush to my body and push me over making me have my face to the sun. Ajak slaps my cheek gently and says "Gaia. Gaia wake up."

Phastos says "Maybe she's just taking a nap."

Ajak puts her hands on my head and says "Wake up Gaia."

Druig says "She had a bit too much to drink last night." Ajak looks to Druig who stands there with Makkari. Makkari punches Druig and signs "Don't throw her under the bus." Ajak says "I had my suspicions to begin with." She shakes my shoulders and my eyes slowly open. The white leaving them completely. No one seeing the mad weary wear off.

I groan and say "You're such a jerk Druig." He smirks to me and god I've never wanted to slap him across the face as much as I do right now.

Ajak says "Gaia what did I explicitly say to you yesterday?"

I act like I'm thinking and rub my chin "Hmmmmmm.... you said a lot yesterday. I remember you asking if I would write a message to the humans and I did. I also remember you asking me if you thought your butt looked big in the pants you were wearing." She glares at me and arches an eyebrow. I sit up and she says "I told you no partying." I smile and say "Oh really?"

She nods and says "I told Phastos to stop working and go to a party. Not Gaia."

I look up and shake my head "I don't remember it like that."

Phastos crosses his arms and I smile. "I don't remember seeing Phastos at the party."

He glares at me and Ajak says "You didn't go?" She looks to Phastos and he clears his throat "I thought you were dealing with Gaia first." I stand up slowly and she says "You know the rule, Gaia." I shrug and say "What rule?" She nods and says "Go to the school Gaia." I groan and say "That's not fair." She nods and says "It's very fair. I could make you clean up the bar if you'd prefer." I shake my head and say "It's so not fair." She says after sighing and taking a long blink "Gaia.....You've really disappointed me. I expected so much better of you." I nod and rub my face slightly ashamed. But not ashamed enough to stop going to parties.

I walk away and Druig says "She's just a delight, isn't she."

Ajak says "You two need to go find something to busy yourselves with. Phastos and I are going to have a discussion." Phastos says "Or they could stay with us and join the conversation." Druig turns on his heels and walks away, makkari quickly follows now speeding past him. Ajak rubs at the tension in her face and says "She is better then that."

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