-Chapter Twenty Nine-

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One year later
(At Leo's Mansion)

Am Leo son your grandma will come here today and also Alice's parents Kevin Heiro said

Am ok dad Leo said

(15 minutes Leo's Grandma arrive)

Oh grandma your here Leo said

Oh my dear handsome boy Leo and nice to see you my grandson Ellie Resha said

Will let me help you grandma of this your bag Leo said

Oh your so helpful my dear grandson Ellie Resha said

Leo and her grandma get inside the house

Mom and dad grandma it's here Leo said

Oh mama your here oh nice to see you again and I really miss you mama Anna Heiro said

Me to my dearest daughter I miss you too Ellie Resha said

Mama your here and nice to see you again and welcome home Kevin Heiro said

Thank you my son in law Ellie Resha said

Am wait?! Who is that lady? Ellie Resha said

Am grandma that's my Girlfriend Leo said

Wait seriously you have a girlfriend?! Ellie Resha said

Oh my gosh I can't believe it, oh come her dear let me hug you and I can't believe you choice I beautiful lady you gonna marry grandson Ellie Resha said

Yeah grandma and thanks Leo said

Am hi hehehe Alice said

Oh dear don't be shy and nervous and also call me Grandma El Ellie Resha said

Am ok grandma El Alice said

Well my dear Alice your parents will come here also and we will wait them Anna Heiro said

Am really they come here? Alice said

Yeah dear they come here Anna Heiro said

Oh your name is Alice what a beautiful name you have and I'm been excited to turn you to be a wife at my grandson Ellie Resha said

And mama Leo already also propose in Alice Anna Heiro said

Wait really oh that's nice and I'm really excited in your wedding day Ellie Resha said

Tong's arrive at Leo mansion

Oh Mr and Mrs. Tong your here and welcome Anna Heiro said

Thanks Mrs.Heiro Xia Tong said

Oh mom and dad your here oh I miss you mom and dad Alice said and she hug her parents tightly

Oh this is your parents Alice Ellie Resha said

Yes Grandma El Alice said

Am hi nice to see you Mr and Mrs. Tong well I'm Ellie Resha the Grandmother of Leo Ellie Resha said

Oh nice too meet you too hehehe Xia Tong said

After they finish talking
5minutes later

(At Alice room)

Am Alice dear am how are you? Xia Tong said

I'm fine mom and how about you and dad? Alice said

We're fine dear Alice Shaun Tong said

Am good and I have something to tell you Mom and dad Alice said

Am what is it dear Xia Tong said

Am... Leo are already propose at me and me and Leo wedding at February 16 2038  Alice said

Am really Leo already propose at you il so happy dear Xia Tong said

Hehehe Alice giggle's

Me and your dad we will support your wedding day my dear Xia Tong said

Thanks mom and dad Alice said

Your always welcome dear Shaun Tong said

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