natural born leader

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"Do it because they
said you couldn't."



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Staring at the ceiling could literally never be entertaining. Makkari is currently very, very asleep in her room. I already attempted waking her up. But she's loudly snoring and mumbling something in her sleep. The rest of the team are all asleep I believe

I get frustrated with myself and get into a fist fight with my blanket. I kick and punch it off me but it wraps around me quickly. I end up knoting myself up into it and I huff angrily chucking it across the room at the door. I huff and god it's cold in here

I'm not getting up to just get my blanket. I lean off the bed attempting to reach the blanket without leaving the bed. I reach farther leaving the bed a little more. My foot remains on the bed and I still can't reach the blanket.

I groan and literally keep my pinky toe on the sheets of the bed as I reach for the blanket

Why am I like this?

I collapse and groan as my foot slides off the bed. I sigh and my door opens. Thena looks down at me laying like a starfish on the ground defeated.

She smiles confusedly and says "Did you just fall out of bed?"

I sigh and say completely straight faced "No."

She nods and says "Why are you awake? It's 4:30 am. No one is ever up at this time."

"I couldn't sleep."

She nods and says "Well, I was just about to have my first cup of coffee of the morning if you'd like to join me." I nod and say "Sure. I think I'm going to need it after not getting a wink of sleep. I don't know how you look so pretty this early in the morning."

She smiles and looks to me warily. My face falls as embarassment sets in

Oh my GOD Gaia pull yourself together. We get it! She's stunning. Yada yada. No need to creep her out.

"I'm just meaning that I look like I should live in a cave with wild animals when I wake up and you look like you just ascended from heaven-"

Thena arches an eyebrow and says bluntly "Stop talking."

My eyes widen and I nod "Okay. Yeah. Sorry."

She extends a hand to me and I take it to get up. She pulls me to my feet and I follow her to the kitchen and dining area. She walks to the advanced coffee maker Phastos upgrades way too often. I remember last time he updated it Kingo and Ikaris couldn't figure it out. So they start taking things off it and shaking it and ended up breaking it.

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