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(Tw:sexual assault)

Grace's POV

I was in my room just drawing some things when I heard my room door open. I looked towards it to see Ellie looking at me "I'm gonna go to a party, whatever happens don't go there" she said.

I wanted to ask why but I won't go, I don't like parties and I most certainly never got invited to any "okay" I said nodding my head.

"Good, anyways if you need to call me if something happens.." she put her hand out for me and I gave her my phone so she would put her number in it "..here is my number. Don't call me unless someone is dead"

I took my phone from her and she left my room then I heard the front door close and get locked.

I went back to drawing then my phone buzzed. I picked it up and saw that it was Camila. A smile formed on my face as I opened the text.

Camila <3


I smiled even though the text she sent was simple, but it made me smile.


How are you?

I'm good
what about you?

I'm amazing thanks for asking

Of course :)

Are you going to that
party tonight?

No I wasn't invited and
I don't like parties

You don't have to be invited
Marie is a really nice girl
so come on get dressed
and I'll come get you so
we can go together

But my roommate
told me to not go

Fuck her
you can do whatever
you want

Okay, I'll be ready in five

I closed my notebook and put it in my drawer. I stood up and went towards my closet and took some black sweatpants and a tight white tank top. I stripped out of my clothes, slowly and carefully putting my sweatpants to make sure it doesn't touch the cuts I have on my inner thighs aggressively which might make it hurt.

They've been there for a while and I kept doing it for a bit but I've been trying to stop since I went to therapy but some of them still hurt a little, and there are some that never went away so they're just scars that are gonna be there for a long time.

I got dressed then heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and Camila smiled at me. She was wearing black jeans and a crop top.

"Hey" she said, smiling at me as her eyes scanned my body "hey"


We got to the house of the girl who doesn't stay in a dorm because her house is really close to the university.

People were outside, drinking or making out or just simply talking to each other. I was next to Camila walking inside of the house that had loud music playing through it and people dancing around as the lights kept changing colors.

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