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Grace's POV

"Let's go" Ellie said, I got off her lap and she stood up, saying goodbye to her friends, taking my hand and walking outside of the house.

"Grace wait!" I turned around as Ellie did the same thing, I heard a groan leave Ellie's mouth when she saw Camila "I'm sorry" Ellie put her hand on my waist "no one cares, let's go back to our dorm now" she said wanting to walk away but I stopped her "give me a second please" I said to her, putting my hand on top of hers.

She sighed and nodded, looking at Camila "make it quick" she walked away and I looked back at Camila "Camila I promise it's okay. It wasn't your fault nor anyone's fault, he just did what he did..it's fine" I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

She smiled softly and I hugged her tightly "I'll text you later okay?" I said backing away from the hug, she nodded and kissed my cheek, making me blush and look away hoping she didn't see me blushing.

"Grace!" I turned around and looked at Ellie "I better go" I said to Camila, she nodded and I walked to Ellie, taking a quick glance at Camila and waving my hand at her which she returned.

Me and Ellie were walking back to the university which is like 10 minutes away by walking. I looked at Ellie and she kept her hands on her pockets as she had a jacket over her crop top.

"Are you sure you're okay?" She asked looking at me, I nodded "yeah I'm okay"

She nodded and didn't ask again. She doesn't care, maybe she feels like she HAS to ask if I'm okay but she made me hate myself, she was the reason I had to go to the therapy other than my dad's death but she made it even harder for me.

"Next time listen to what I say" she said, I looked at her "listening to you before, made me lose myself"

I kept walking then stopped, realizing that she stopped. I looked back at her "what is that supposed to mean?" She asked, she looked angry and mad.

"Nothing" I wanted to walk away then I felt her hold my arm and turn me around, pulling my body closer to her as she gripped harder on my arm "you wouldn't have said it if it meant nothing"

I looked down at her hand gripping my arm, feeling it start to hurt "you're hurting me" I said quietly. She pushed my arm away and walked away quickly.

I tried to keep up with her but she was too fast and I wasn't in the mood to run "Ellie please-" I put my hand on her shoulder wanting to stop her but she turned around and slapped my hand away from her.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what made you mad!" I yelled a little frustrated. She raised her eyebrows and laughed "so now you're raising your voice at me?" She asked taking a step closer to me.

I shrugged "I don't know I'm frustrated and confused on why YOU'RE mad. I'm the one that's supposed to be mad not you" I breathed heavily, looking at her "okay are you done?" She asked.

I nodded and she smiled "thank you now can I say my part?" She asked, I sighed and nodded my head "I'm mad because you didn't listen to me. And before you cut me off I told you to not come because I knew if something did happen you won't be able to defend yourself"

"Now let's go back to the dorm, you clearly need to sleep" she said walking away. I sighed and followed behind her.


"Where are you going?" I looked at Ellie as she stood up, coming towards me "to the store to get some chips for myself" I said smiling softly at her.

"There is a lot left" she said, resting her hand on the counter behind me, her body very close to mine as she bent down a little so her face was as the same level as mine.

"Yeah I know but I realized that you like them and I don't want to finish them, you can eat it and I can buy others" she tilted her head or the side "aw aren't you cute?" She said making me look down shyly "but you're not going anywhere"

"Why not?" I asked her "because I'm not in the mood to go with you and it's pretty late, take one of the ones we have and get some tomorrow" she walked towards her room and got in "but-" she cut me off immediately, not even letting me say anything else "no, go get them tomorrow morning. Not at night"

I went to her room "but the store is really close" I said as she took her shirt off "I don't care Grace, you're not going anywhere alone at 12am" she said undoing the strings of her pants, pulling them down and not even caring that I'm in the room.

My eyes immediately looked down at her boxers, her dick is..bigger than I expected even from out of the boxers. I just stared, surprised feeling like shouldn't be staring but I just felt like it. It was always obvious that Ellie has a dick from out of her pants but without them on, it's so much bigger-

I snapped out of my thought when I felt her hand being placed on my hips. She pulled me closer to her and looked down at me while biting her lip gently "staring is rude Grace"

"I'm sorry" I said, not breaking the eye contact she was holding "maybe if you stop arguing and actually start listening to what I say, you'll get pleased later darling" she said, lowly moving her face closer to my ear which made me grow more nervous.

"Go to your room" she said going back to her normal tone and backing away. She went towards her bed and took her clothes off of it "may I take a shower now?" She said sarcastically, seeing me still standing next to her door.

"Yeah yeah I'm sorry, I'll go now"

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