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You stare at the pharaoh, as you two now stand alone in your chamber, he only looks down at you with annoyance.

Now that you look more closely at the pharaoh, he looks younger than his age.

Now that you look more closely at the pharaoh, he looks younger than his age

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Maathotep looks to be more in his early thirties than his early forties.

"What has gotten into your mind to think that you are allowed to hit me, Neith?" Maathotep spats, narrowing his eyes at you.

Of course, you didn't understand what he just said, so you stayed silent and took the scolding.

However, this worsens the situation, as your father was expecting you to explain yourself.

"Speak up!" you flinch at his loud voice and shake your head

The pharaoh then realizes that there is something wrong with you, as you didn't seem to understand his words.

"Do you understand me, Neith?"

When you don't answer him, at that moment, Maathotep discovers the real problem.

You can't understand him for some unknown reason.

Maathotep starts shouting for his guards who are waiting outside.

"Call for a physician right now!"

Maathotep looks back at you with worried eyes.

"Don't worry, we will find a solution to your problem"

This time, you understand what is spoken to you.

You understand the ancient Egyptian language as if it was your native language, which shocked you.

Pulling away from Maathotep, you look at him with wide eyes.

"I can understand you"

The words you uttered were spoken in the ancient Egyptian language.

Ok...what in the world is going on?! How do you understand and speak a language that you haven't learned yet?

The moment, your eyes return back to look at Maathotep, you are surprised to see him chuckling.

"You were trying to get my attention," He says.

You were about to correct him, but he continues.

"However, you are still going to get punished, you are not going out to the garden for three months" Maathotep announces strictly.


Maathotep is now surprised at your words, the fact that you didn't argue about that with him like every time is astonishing.

He doesn't allow Neith to leave the palace, the garden was the only way for her to enjoy the fresh air.

However, the way you are acting is very foreign to him.

Little does he know, that you don't know his possessive nature and rules.


"I'm so delighted that you are healthy now, my royal princess" you smile at your handmaiden, who you have come to learn her name to be Anatamun.

"Yes, me too" you reply, playing with your fingers.

The dark-haired woman looks around her to make sure that you two are the only ones in the chamber, before pulling out a scroll from her bag.

"Your highness, this was sent to you by the prince, Nazir" you furrow your eyebrow in confusion.

Prince Nazir?

Oh, the Babylonian ruler who kidnapped princess Neith.

"Shall I start reading it for you, your highness?" you nod your head in disapproval.

"No, I will read it myself" you take the scroll from her calmly and open it.

As expected, you could also understand the writing of ancient Egyptians.

You wonder how the young prince even knows this language.

He must have been tutored about the language, and many others since a young age.

I convinced my father to send yet another proposal about our marriage to your father, and he once again turned it down.

But no worries, once I won't stop trying until I become yours and you become mine.

Hopefully, my father would die soon, and I become the king to rush our marriage.

Even if your father is considered the strongest man, I will defeat him, and save you from his clutches.

I pray that our love stays true in this life and the afterlife.

Your sweet prince,

You stare at the scroll, before chuckling.

There's no way you are staying with a man who wishes that his father dies, and to also defeat your father.

Even though you aren't Neith, however, you won't sacrifice your country and family for love.

"Anatamun bring me the writing equipment"

The first step to fixing Neith's life is...

...to break off the relationship with the Babylonian prince.

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