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Grace's POV

I was sitting in the living room watching tv, putting the volume really high because..the people in the dorm next to us are having sex and it's really annoying hearing them and it makes me uncomfortable.

"Can that tv be any fucking louder?!" Ellie said opening the door of her room and looking at me "I'm sorry" I turned it down and she rolled her eyes hearing what made me turn it up "it's just that those people were really making me uncomfortable, I didn't wanna hear that" I said looking down.

"Fucking assholes" I heard her mumble about the people.

She went towards the door and opened it, walking outside and leaving the door opened so I followed behind her. I held her hand when she was going to knock on the door "listen it's okay-" she shook her hand out of my grip "if it's making you uncomfortable then no, it's not okay"

She knocked hardly on the door and I stood behind her, playing with the ring she gave me nervously. A very masculine guy, a few inches taller than Ellie and he looks like he just got out of jail opened the door.

"Ellie-" she put her hand behind her back, signaling for me to hold it seeing that I got nervous so I held it and stayed behind her.

"You guys are moaning too fucking loud dude" she said, the guy laughed and the girl stood next to him "hey El" she said to Ellie.

"Hey Alex, turn that shit down or put music on.." she turned around and looked at me, she wanted to walk back to our dorm "..but I know for a fact you weren't that good" she said..god why is she like this.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!" He angrily said. We turned back around and I stood behind Ellie again, I don't want to be involved in this.

"Dude, you reacting like that to what I said shows how small of a dick you have" she said calmly, in a way to annoy him even more.

"How would you know you gay bitch" he said taking a step closer. Ellie laughed "oh she would know" the girl next to him said, he looked at her and Ellie laughed "she's right. I'm the gay bitch with a dick"

"Yeah a small one" he said thinking he annoyed her or even insulted her. She laughed "yep, very small" she said. Now that..makes you know how huge it is.

"Just calm down dude and be quiet" she said turning around and laughing "that was fun" she stopped holding my hand and wrapped her arm around my shoulder, walking me towards our dorm.

We walked inside again and she closed the door, looking at me "now don't watch that show on tv that loudly, I'm trying to relax" I nodded my head "okay, sorry"

She went to her room and closed the door. I sat down on the couch and started an episode of "everybody loves Raymond"


I was going to a restaurant nearby to eat something for breakfast since Ellie left very early. I sat down and took the menu, choosing what I want.

I looked up, my eyes meeting Ellie's who was looking at me with a weird look..I don't know it was like a sympathetic mixed with a guilt look but no one will ever understand this girl so I might be wrong.

Ignoring that, I smiled waving my hand at her but she looked away from me and started talking to her friends again.

"Good morning, what can I get you?" I told the waitress what I wanted and waited patiently for the food when two guys sat in front of me and the same guy from the party sat next to me.

"Oh hello there" he said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. My heart started beating really fast, I don't wanna go through the same thing that happened in the party.

"Hey" I said, trying my best not to look at him or his friends "stand up" I looked at Ellie who had her arms crossed over her chest, standing next to the table, she raised her eyebrows and motioned for him to stand up with her fingers "now"

He stood up and she sat down next to me, he was scared of her..I mean who isn't.

Her legs were spread apart as she rested her hands on her lap, looking at the two guys in front of her "you two, what the fuck are you waiting for? Leave" she said.

"Or what?" He laughed to piss her off "what if I fucking touch this redhead? What if I fucking r-" she stood up quickly not letting him finish what he was saying but we both knew where that was going, she put her hand on the back of his head and hit his head hardly to the table.

She sat back down and put her hand on my thigh, realizing how scared and nervous I was. I put my hand on top of hers and gripped it tightly. I used to do this with my dad a lot when I got nervous outside, he always said that it hurts how hardly I held his hand but he tried his best to not pull it back knowing it makes me feel more safe.

Ellie didn't pull her hand back either.

"Now fuck off" he groaned from the pain and kept his hand over his forehead that was bleeding. They all left the restaurant and Ellie looked at the waitress who was just looking at us surprised "what? The show is over, go bring her the food she ordered"

She nodded and walked away quickly. I kept looking down trying to calm down when I felt soft finger tips touch my neck while moving my hair to the other side, placing a small kiss on my neck "relax" she whispered against my neck, gripping my thigh gently with her other hand which made my stomach tingle a little.

She placed a couple of more kisses making me close my eyes and sigh, my grip loosening from around her hand as I felt myself calm down "good girl"

What is she doing to me? Why am I feeling this safe and good from the person I hated the most?

Hated...I don't hate her now.

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