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Grace's POV

Ellie's friends came to sit with us and Ellie kept her hand on my thigh, rubbing it softly. The food came and I started eating but slowly, I feel nervous and embarrassed when I eat in front of a lot of people.

"We'll go" Ellie said seeing me being uncomfortable and not able to eat. They all stood up but I held Ellie's hand, she looked at me "stay with me please, just you" she looked at her friends "you can go and I'll be there in a bit"

She sat back down and put her hand back on my thigh as I started eating "we're going to a shooting range today, Wanna come?" I looked at Ellie and shook my head "shooting isn't my thing"

"Nothing is your thing apparently" she said laughing. I looked down at my food "just come, it'll be fun" I shook my head and didn't look at her, she held my chin and turned me to face her "look at me when I talk to you" she said, sounding a little angry.

"You're gonna come" she said letting go of my chin "but I don't want to" she clenched her jaw and kept looking at me "it's not like I want to hangout with you everyday but that guy won't leave you alone so you're coming with me until I make sure he doesn't fucking do anything again"

"Okay" I continued eating as she sat on her phone, her hand still rubbing my thigh while she scrolled down her social media.

Ellie technically doesn't exist if you look her name up either on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat anything. She either uses an account that she follows zero people on or an account to talk to her friends.

"Are you done?" She asked, I nodded and stood up. She stood up and waited for me to walk in front of her "let's go" she walked behind me, her hand placed gently on my waist as I walked towards the exit of the restaurant and Ellie already payed for my meal.

"How are we going there?" I asked her, stopping and looking back at her, she smirked "with my baby over there" I looked at where she pointed at which was a Harley Davidson motorcycle, oh no..

"No I'm scared" she laughed and walked towards it, taking the helmet and giving it to me "put it on" I didn't want to argue because she's definitely going to win it if I do argue.

I put it on and she stood in front of me, securing it for me. She held my hand and helped me sit on it then got in front of me, she started the motorcycle and laughed "hell yeah, I missed my baby"

My arms were tightly wrapped around her waist as she started to drive, I kept my eyes closed because I was too scared.

We got there in like 10 minutes and kept my eyes closed the whole time "open your eyes" I opened my eyes slowly seeing that we got there and parked then I stopped holding her waist "you're so lame" she said rolling her eyes and getting off the motorcycle.

I think she forgot about me so I tried getting off it but failed and tripped. Before I even got to touch the ground, I felt a pair of hands helping me stand up "you're really dumb" yep, it's Ellie.

I tried taking the helmet off but also couldn't. She laughed and rested back on her motorcycle "I don't need help, I got this" I said, still not being able to take it off.

I stopped trying and looked at her, she laughed and came towards me, helping me take it off "you're a literal joke-" I cut her off "okay I understand that I'm dumb and a joke, you don't have to keep reminding me every second. I never rode a motorcycle so of course I'd be scared and this helmet shit is new to me too so what? I'm not interested in the same things you're interested in"

She raised her eyebrows and nodded "cool, let's go" I rolled my eyes at her and followed behind her.

They gave us a noise canceling headset and some type of glasses to protect our eyes. We got to the place where everyone was shooting shit but no one started yet, they were waiting for Ellie and there wasn't anyone other than her friends.

I stood behind as one of the people that work there started teaching Ellie how to use a gun. I crossed my arms and heard gun shot, making me flinch back. I absolutely hate guns and what happened to my dad, hearing those gun shots just brings back memories I don't want to remember.

"Woah that was a little too much" Ellie said coming towards me with the gun in her hand. I backed away and shook my head while looking at the gun, she looked down at it and put it back on the table "here, no gun"

She came towards me "too much flinching Grace" she said laughing, thinking it's just some kind of joke. She took her headset off and wanted to take mine off too but I shook my head and put my hands on them "jeez, what got you that scared?"

"I don't like guns, I told you I didn't wanna come" I said. she clenched her fists "I didn't tell you to fucking take a gun and shot, just stay here" I was barely even hearing her but she was yelling.

I sat down on the chair and looked down, a little embarrassed and I didn't really like the attention and the eyes on me.

"Hey redhead" I looked towards the person who called me and removed my headset to hear him "come on, try to use the gun"

"Oh be careful, she'll act like a kid" Ellie said sarcastically and shot multiple times making me close my eyes, putting the headset back on "oh come on, don't be a pussy" he said.

I wanted to prove Ellie wrong so I stood up and went towards him, I took the gun and looked at Ellie who was already looking at me. She put the gun down and got closer to us, she crossed her arms and laughed "okay do it"

The guy who works there helped me know how to hold a glock and I looked at the target. I tried pulling the trigger and I just simply couldn't, all I could think about when I see a gun or hear gunshot is the guy who killed my dad and the way my dad was on the floor with blood everywhere.

"Don't go" my mom said pulling me back. There were police officers but they wouldn't go in the house since my dad is there with a guy that is pointing a gun at him.

I heard gun shot and I shook myself out of my mom's grip, running towards the front door and opening it hearing people calling for my name but I didn't care.

And I saw my dad, laying there on the floor, blood everywhere as the guy just looked shocked from what he did. I ran towards my dad and got on my knees next to him, sobbing uncontrollably.

"You killed him!" I yelled at the guy, I stood up and went towards him, punching him as hard as I can in the stomach even if I didn't hurt him.

"Grace!" My mom yelled and pulled me back, hugging me tightly and making sure I don't face the side my dad was laying on "it's okay, everything is gonna be okay"

"Okay no" Ellie took the gun from me and put it down, she took her headset and glasses off alongside mine "let's go"

We walked outside "it's just I don't like guns" I said walking behind her, she turned around to look at me, stopping in her tracks  "I don't care" she said then turned around again, walking to the motorcycle.

"Get on the Harley"

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