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"Hana, we're already 5 minutes late!" Vanessa shouts from the bathroom. "Get a move on!"

I'm running out of my bedroom, trying to tie the red ribbons on my heels. "Good grief, would it kill you to give me a little more time?" The party doesn't start for at least thirty minutes.

"We have to go get Happy Meals at McDonald's, I want the cool Halloween toys, and you know I'm a slow eater." She lightly slams her clutch onto the kitchen counter, "We're already behind schedule!"

"Got it, sorry." I nod, fixing my hair in the reflection on the fridge. It's too much of an effort to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Vanessa turns around, observing my outfit. "Holy shit, you're hot. It's no wonder we're best friends."

I smiled at her compliment, looking back at her costume. She's wearing a skin-tight black dress that showed off a little cleavage, with thigh-high boots. She has a big witch hat with a green ribbon that probably won't fit if she's wearing it in the car. She has other green accents, like her eyeshadow and highlight, with some cute earrings to go with it. Her mask is black lace with some green glitter glued in some spots.

We look like complete opposites, with me wearing a white silk, low v-neck dress and red heart accessories. My favorite parts of my costume is either my eye makeup or my head piece, which is gold to go with my wings and mask.

"Okay, food and water bowls are filled," I note out loud, looking around my less-than-large apartment, "Thermostat is set to 75°, and there is no other food for Beau to get into."

I grab my bag and my keys, "We're set! Let's go."


I'm stuffing the bright red boxes into the back seat while Nessa speeds to the location of the party. We ended up actually being 20 minutes late. Don't ask how, I don't know.

I got some stupid bobble-head vampire, while Vanessa got the glow in the dark ghost. Lucky.

"Hey, Han? Are you sure you put the address in right?" She asks me, her eyes staying on the road.

I furrow my eyebrows and look back out the windshield, my eyes widening. "Yeah. I'm sure." We both stare at the mansion in front of us as she parallel parks across the street. Thank god for her.

There's cars filling the long driveway and I can't imagine how many people need to move their cars when someone from the middle needs to leave early.

We grab our bags, and start walking up the flat, but incredibly tiring pavement. Everybody's cars looks so shiny, you can definitely tell they're in the FBI.

"Okay, the code word is 'turkey.' Literally shout it across the room if you need me." Vanessa lets me know right as we're walking up to the door. I nod in acknowledgment.

We've been doing code words since frat parties, and yes, art colleges had frat parties. It was interesting, and the words weren't needed, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

She knocks, and it takes a minute for the door to open. What if they ask us for our credentials? What am I supposed to say?

The front door looks like it costs more than my life. It's white, with that fancy knocker thing that only shows up in movies. Suddenly, it swings open and a cold pair of brown eyes freeze me in my place.

"Hana. How lovely to see you here," Luca smirks, leaning against the door frame. His stare makes me feel like New York is going through a heat wave.

"Morelli," I smile tightly. "What are you doing at a party? I thought you would be wallowing at home, alone."

He grins, but the crinkles at the corner of his eyes are hidden by his mask, which is black to match his suit, but it also has red gems that match his button-up undershirt. "I am wallowing at home, just not alone."

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