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Narrator's P.O.V
Taehyung felt his heart stop beating for second as a wave a panic ran throughout his whole body, and noticing this, Yn quietly asked;

"Mr. Kim... is something wrong?"

Immediately signaling for her to be quiet, Taehyung quickly put a finger to his lips as he heard his mother on the end saying;

"Taehyung! Aren't you going to come and open the door for me? It's pouring out!"

"S-Sorry Eomma, I'll-"

"And do you have guests over?! There are about 3 cars in the front of your house!"

Hearing her shouting made him clear his throat and calmly say;

"I'll open the door right now Eomma and yes, I invited my friends over to spend some time with Taeyung-"

"Tell them to leave!"


"I mean it Taehyung! They aren't family!"

"They're more family to me than you and Appa ever were.."

Taehyung mumbled coldly as he pulled the phone away from his ear and started walking towards the bedroom door, all the while his mother is screaming at him;

"How dare you! You'd rather love those irresponsible troublemakers than your own flesh and blood--"

Getting frustrated, Taehyung hung up on his mother and ran his hand through his hair as he thought of what to do next;

"Mr. Kim-"

"Yn, my mother's here but don't worry, everything's going to be fine, okay?"

Yn nodded and Taehyung nodded back and as he opened his bedroom door, he jumped back as he saw everyone falling into the room and after the boys caught themselves, everyone looked up with cheesy grins on their faces as they were met with a serious Taehyung glaring down at them.

As Taehyung crossed his arms, Jimin cleared his throat and nervously started to say;

"Taehyung! Hey.. we were just.. um.. we were all just-"


Taehyung asked in a serious tone and Hoseok pointed fingers and said;

"It was Jimin's idea."

"Hey, don't act like you didn't want to know what they were doing in here too!"

Jimin said looking back at Hoseok and the others and Taehyung sighed as he started helping the boys up;

"Listen, my mother's outside right now and I need your help in getting Yn out of here. Now Seokjin and Jimin, I want you both to take Yn with you through the backdoor and Yn.."

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