Chapter 15

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"You have a son?" Damon exclaimed, his eyes glued on the giggling child in Tessa's arms

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"You have a son?" Damon exclaimed, his eyes glued on the giggling child in Tessa's arms.

"Yes," Tessa sighed looking at him guiltily. 

She expected him to be mad, to yell at her, but instead he wrapped his arms around her and embraced her in a hug. Pulling away from the hug he looked down at James fondly. As humanity-less Damon pretended to be, a part of him had always wanted to have a kid, as a human and as a vampire. It was the only regret he had, not starting a family. 

"What's his name," Stefan whispered as he played with the baby's tiny fingers while the human doppelganger sat on the couch glaring at them.

"James Damon White Jordan," Tessa said smiling up at Damon. 

The raven-haired vampire's eyes filled with tears as he looked at her. She had named her son after him. 

"His middle name sounds hot," he chuckled discreetly wiping the tears from his eyes.

"I know," she smirked.

"I'm still pissed that Tessie didn't name him after me as well," David pouted making Nathan and Aaron chuckle. 

"Because David is a boring oldie name," Aaron said smirking. 

"Hey," David scowled hitting Aaron on the back of his head making him shoved him aside into Nathan who locked the younger Cuthbert in a headlock.

The Salvatore's looked at the scene in amusement as Tessa giggled at them. They really were children.

"Why didn't you tell me, Tessa?" Elena said with a scowl. "I'm your best friend, you should have told me."

"I wanted to El. It was so hard not to tell you, Caroline and Bonnie the minute I found out I was pregnant," Tessa frowned. She didn't want Elena to be angry at her. "I'm sorry. But I couldn't tell anyone, it wasn't safe."

"Hey," Caroline rushed from the couch when she saw tears forming in her eyes. "It's okay. You were keeping your son safe."

"Yeah, we aren't mad, how can we when you have such an adorable little thing in your hand," Bonnie smiled. 

"Than-," she was cut off by a knock on the door.

Tessa handed James to Aaron and went to open the door. Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah were standing with curious looks on their faces. They didn't know why she would invite them to Salvatore House where the human doppelganger resided.

"Hey, I assume you're all already invited in," she greeted as she moved aside for them to enter.

"Why are we here," Rebekah narrowed her eyes at Tessa.

"I need you help," she shrugged as they walked in the living room. 

"You invited them," Elena screeched as she ran to hide behind Stefan. 

"Yes," the Shadowhunter said as she grabbed her child from Aaron and faced the Mikaelsons.

"This is James," she said smiling slightly at Rebekah who was already making funny faces at her son to make him laugh. "My son."

"Your what?" Klaus's eyes went wide.

"My son."

"You really are full of surprises aren't you Tessa," Elijah said smiling at the giggling child.

"I'm a White, we always are," she smiled. 

"Why are they here Tessa," Elena scowled looking at her with anger. "Klaus killed me, Rebekah tried to kill me."

"You're still alive Lena," Tessa shrugged, not looking at her. She didn't want to see the disappointed her best friend held for her. "And I need their help protecting James."

"We can protect him, we don't need them," she retorted crossing her arms and glaring at the blonde original who was grinning at the youngest member of the White family.

"You don't even know what you're up against,  Elena," Tessa sighed. 

"We've been against worse," the Gilbert girl shrugged.

Ignoring the doppelganger, Tessa faced the original vampires. "Will you help us?"

"Of course," Elijah smiled. As much as they hated the Salvatores and Elena, they wouldn't let that get in the way of protecting Tessa's child. 

"What exactly are we up against?" Elijah said at the same time Klaus said, "Who is the father?" 

"The father is Aaron," she pointed at the dark haired werewolf. 

"And we're up against a man named Benjamin Hayes. He was a serial killed in LA a couple of years ago, killed and tortured young girls," she said sitting next to Damon. 

"My friend, Elizabeth, was one of his victims. She used to get these flowers and notes, telling her that he was coming for her. But we always thought it was a prank, we were just fifteen then. We called the cops after he started sending her dead animal organs in a box, and it eventually turned into an FBI investigation. He was a vampire, we found records that went as far as the 1800s about a killer with yellow lilies as his signature and the same MO. He kidnapped Liz and tortured her for days," Aaron noticed Tessa's hands starting to shake and reached out to hold them. He gently squeezed and she sent him a weak smile. His heart ached seeing the girl he loved hurt.

"We were too late, she was dead and he was nowhere to be found. I was angry and grieving and I made it my life mission to kill him. I put myself in danger, did illegal things to learn more about him. And all of it made him interested. He'd send me flowers, but this time they were pink. I didn't understand why he changed the colors. He didn't want to kill me or torture me like the other girls. He wanted me, he was obsessed. And when he found out that I was pregnant with Aaron's baby, he was angry. He tried to hurt him so that he could have me."

Tessa sniffed as tears clouded her vision. "James and Aaron were in Witness Protection for around a year, and I came here. I needed to stay away for them to be safe. I had a witch cloak them and me but his is somehow is stronger. Benjamin found them and tried to hurt them. He is strong and smart, and I was stupid to underestimate him."

"Hey," Klaus said as looked at her with soft eyes. His voice was so gentle, it even shocked his siblings. "I give you my word, we will protect James."

"Thank you," she whispered smiling at him slightly.

A/N - We got some backstory! Benjamin is an ass, isn't he. I'm going to have so much fun writing him. And I want your opinion on who Tessie baby should end with.

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