Chapter 16

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A/N - Tessa's dress above ^^^ If you don't like it, you can imagine any other dress

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A/N - Tessa's dress above ^^^ If you don't like it, you can imagine any other dress. 

Tessa sighed as she looked at the ball gown lying on her bed. She had received an invitation to the Mikaelson ball in the morning and a note from Klaus asking her to save him a dance. There was also a box with a gorgeous light blue gown in it for her. It would be a lie if she didn't feel butterflies at the gesture, but she wasn't sure if she could leave James behind. 

"He is going to stay with my mom Tes," Caroline groaned as the brunette once again made an excuse for not going to the ball. "She knows how to take care of a baby."

"I know bu-."

She was once again cut off by the blonde, "And vampires need to be invited in. He will be safe. And are you really going to skip the chance to wear that gorgeous thing. Come please," she pouted. "It's going to be a magical evening. You're going to look like a princess, you're going to dance with Klaus and it's going to be amazing and we're going to be normal people for once."

"Fine," Tessa sighed. "But I'm going to call Sheriff Forbes every half an hour."

"Yes yes yes," Caroline squealed making the brunette smile. "Come on and you need to help me dress. Rebekah invited Matt so I need to look better than her."

"Of course, and you will," Tessa giggled as she grabbed her best friend's hand.

Ending the second call she made to Liz Forbes, Tessa sighed and entered the Mikaelson mansion. Her hands instantly went to her dress, straightening out the non-existent creases as her palms became sweaty. There were so many people here. All she wanted to do was run back and play with her son. 

Damon's eyes went to her the moment she entered the room leaving a glaring Elena trying to get the Salvatore brothers' attention. Stefan smiled at her and felt his heart flutter when she smiled back. 

She was walking towards her best friends when a certain dirty blonde haired original stopped, smiling at her fondly. "Hello love."

"Hello Nik," she smiled back.

"Nik?" Klaus raised his eyebrow. His heart skipped a beat hearing her call him that and he had a warm feeling that he couldn't explain.

"Yes, Nik. Niklaus is very long and Klaus is a very weird name," she said. "No offense."

"None taken," Klaus chuckled. "You look ravishing, love."

"Well, you have a very good taste in dresses. Thank you for this."

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