Chapter 10

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Ashes POV

"It's...Uhhh.....Jk rowling" i said nonchalantly,but who was I kidding I can keep hiding the fact from him,the fact that Richy is in jail.while I was collecting my thoughts I must have said something out loud because I heard Gary say the words of my nightmares "Richy is in jail...and you two were dating?....really I thought that we both hated him"

I quickly laughed "nope, just you. He used to fist me. One time he fisted me so hard that I ended up with a anal fissure and we ended up having to go to er and-" I'm quickly interrupted by Gary "I'm sorry,I'm not comfortable to you talking about him like that....actually I kind of don't want you talking to richy anymore" I stand back as my jaw continues to stay open "why would make me stop talking to him, stop trying to limit what I'm a

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