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"The only thing more
dangerous than ignorance
is arrogance."
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"Loki," I burn my glare into him and look to his right to Thor, "Thor."

Thor smiles and says "Gaia! Loki said we'd get to see you!" I sigh and say "Somehow I knew it was your idea Loki, was it really necessary to make a scene on Earth? Did you two enjoy your fun?"

Thor walks towards me and smiles. He loops his arms around me and lifts me up. Shaking me up and down like a rag doll. I grit my teeth and say "Put me down Thor."

"Come on love! Lighten up!"

Loki smirks and says "Clearly she's enjoying your affection Thor."

I push my palm to Thor's forehead and attempt to push him away from me. He kisses my forearms and I see Loki begin to get irritated with Thor. Thor loosens his grip around me so I slide down in his arms and goes in for the kiss. I turn my cheek and he gets a cheek kiss.

"Thor put me down."

He tosses me onto my feet and Loki says "Gaia."

I look to Loki and say "The mischievous Loki. Why did you come to earth?"

"Well, Thor told me you promised him a night out."

I shake my head and say "Maybe a hundred years ago."

Loki says "A promise is still a promise." I sigh and say "And you thought that you should just tag along?" Loki hums and says "I wouldn't want my brother to have all the fun himself. What's it been? 200 or so years since our last encounter?"

I mutter under my breath "not long enough."

Thor says "Lady Sif and the warrior three will be joining us for a feast soon. You're joining us too!" I shake my head and say "Ajak and everyone else agrees you two need to head home. Especially you." I poke Loki in the chest and he grabs my wrist and kisses the top of my hand.

I slide it away from him and Thor says "One feast and we'll be on our way."

I groan and say "Fine. One feast and then all three of us are going to our seperate homes."


I nod and Loki says "I suppose we should actually get to the event location hm?"

I sigh and say "No funny business. Alright?"

Loki nods and says "Of course! Of course! Right Thor?"

yeah.. apparently they lied.

Thor laughs as he enjoys the battle happening in the Coliseum. The two men sprint at each other with pointy objects and one becomes a shish kabob immediately.

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