Chapter 17

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"Hey baby," Tessa cooed as she held James close to her, her eyes were still watery from her talk with Damon

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"Hey baby," Tessa cooed as she held James close to her, her eyes were still watery from her talk with Damon. Esther was going to kill all the originals. 

"Okay," Aaron sighed as he sat next to her on the bed, his hand playing with James' as he turned to Tessa. "What's wrong? And don't say nothing or else I will forbid you from cuddling James for three days."

"That is so cruel," Tessa fake gasped making the dark-haired man smirk at her. "Fine," she sighed. "Esther has linked the originals and she's going to kill them."

"And that's bad because-?" He trailed off.

"Because they don't deserve to die," Tessa said. "Elijah tried to help us save Elena, and everything that he did, he did for family. I honor that. Kol and Finn literally just got undaggered, they don't even have a part in any of this, Rebekah didn't do anything, sure she hates Elena and tried to kill her but that's because she daggered her, it's reasonable. And Klaus," she sighed. She didn't even know why she didn't want him to die.

"And Klaus?"

"He's not evil a-and he is protecting our son. You're a werewolf," she turned to him. "Tell me, what would you do if someone locked away your werewolf side."

Aaron frowned. As much as having every bone in his body hurt, he had never felt freer than when he was in his wolf form. It was a part of him and he wouldn't give it up for anything.

"I would do everything in my power to get it back," he admitted. 

"And that's what he did. Why would he care about killing a random girl?"

The werewolf smiled sadly at the brunette, "Call them."


"Call them. Warn them about their mother. I know you won't be able to live yourself if anything happened to them and you didn't do anything to help."

Tessa frowned looking at her baby, she didn't want him to grow up like this. She didn't want him to think that letting innocent people die is okay.

She sighed as she held her phone to her ear. She knew her friends would be mad at her for doing this, but she had to. She couldn't let this happen. 

"Hello Tessa, to what do I owe the pleasure," Elijah greeted.

"Lijah, we need to talk," Tessa sighed, "Esther is going to kill you."

"What?" Elijah frowned, he knew Elena was hiding something from him. That's what he got for trusting a Petrova doppelganger.

"Esther used Lena's blood to link all of you together. She is going to kill one of you and you all will die."

"And why are you telling me this?" He was confused, he didn't understand why she would betray her best friend.

"I don't want my son to grow up thinking that it is okay to let the people you care about die."

She cared about him. Elijah felt his dead heart lift as he heard those words. She cared about him.

"Thank you, Tessa."

Tessa may not have known it, but she had just left a thousand-year-old original vampire smiling like a teenage girl.

"You're too kind for this world Risa," Aaron said as he hugged her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder, his hands once again playing with his son's.

"I couldn't let them die," she sighed. "Elena is going to hate me."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it," Aaron mumbled.

"Yea-," Tessa was cut off by James' tiny hand squishing her nose making Aaron chuckle.

"M-momma," he squealed. 

Tessa swore her heart skipped a beat as she looked at her son, "D-did you just call me mom?" She squealed as she hugged him, "He just called me mom. Oh my god, his first words. Oh-, I'm momma. Can you say it again baby?"

"Momma," he giggled as her eyes filled with years.

Aaron chuckled before he playfully glared at his son. "I've been begging that brat to call me daddy for weeks. Stupid mama's boy," he grumbled making Tessa laugh before hugging him.

And for a minute, she had forgotten everything. There were no vampires and werewolves and Circle members. Just James and Aaron. Just her family. 

A/N - I'm sorry about the short chapter, my exams are going on so I don't have much time. Some Aaron and Tessa bonding for ya'll. xoxo.

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