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Seems like the most anticipated debut is fast approaching! Just hours after the fifth member's teaser was released,another video was posted. This time,it was a male member.

He was seen smiling and doing aegyo infront of the camera,and here comes Mark video bombing his video teaser. Soon after he introduced himself.

"Hello everyone! Excel Lee in the house yo! Be ready,for we will be sending chills down to your spines,chingus!"

His face is very familiar,and yes we have seen him in most korean ulzzang sites. He is a former ulzzang and no doubt,he's very good looking. Anyway,for more information about his profile,you should check it out below

KOREAN NAME: Lee Kwang Joon



NICKNAME: Joonie, Pparanjoon from Blue Joon,


FICTIONAL BIRTHDAY: February 15, 1996


HOMETOWN: Daegu, South Korea

CURRENTLY STAYING: Ilsan, South Korea, just miles away from Seoul

ETHNICITY: Korean, part-Chinese


TRAITS: childish to his hyungs, noonas ang donsaengs, likes trashtalking, happy-go-lucky, friendly parang sobrang FC, tapos he easily cries in short maiyakin! Mahilig mag-advice sa iba na hindi naman nya inaapply sa kanyang self

TRIVIAS: 1. his grandfather is Chinese

2. Has lived in China when he was five and went back to Korea when he was 10

3. he is the one who kills cockroaches for his members

4. He first auditioned when he was 13 and auditioned again when he was 15.

5. Trained for 4 years

6. Has a sister named Kwangseol and he is very close to him

7. Has a hard time learrning english nagkakabulol bulol sya dito tapos expert sa syempre sa Chinese.

8. He is leaning Japanese ngeyen

9. May lisp sya. With letter R as W and S as TH

HOBBIES: rapping, singing, dancing pero more in rapping and dancing. making midnight snacks for his co-members, collecting caps and shades, color blue most of them

LIKES: color blue, midnight snacks, wintermelon milk tea, baseball caps, shades, pororo, selfies, group hugs

DISLIKES: Sasaengs, paparazzi, too much sunlight, tiring schedule

LOVE INTEREST: Seungyeon of Kara hihi

Interaction: They knew each other during a CF together with some other Labytinth members. They talk and talk with each other. They both also are into milktea (imagine-in na lang natin)



IDOLS WHO WILL BE LINKED TO YOU: Hyeri of Girls' Day, Suzy, Son Naeun, Seolhyun of AOA

RELATIVES IN THE INDUSTRY: Park Jinyoung of Got7 and Jang Hyunseung of Beast

CLOSE FRIENDS IN THE INDUSTRY: Park Chanyeol, Cha Hakyeon of Vixx, Yoon Bomi, Kwon Yuri, , Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin

LOVE RIVAL:Mark Tuan of Got7 if taken then si L ng Infinite, sige sali mo na rin si B.I ng Ikon.

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