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"The odds were never
in our favor."
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tw: minor heartbreak :(

tw: minor heartbreak :(

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I sigh as I land on the base property. I want to do one thing now, bathe and go to sleep. Thena was right, Thor so isn't my type.

And Loki and I just sorta never happened. A whole lot of time together and a lot of almosts. But I did sleep with him once. Maybe... a few times. I dated Thor. He was not my type. He really wasn't. I'm not into blondes. But I do have to admit Thena is a fine specimen. But I'm not into women. God sometimes I really wish I was.

Then I'd just marry Makkari or Thena and live a simple life... men suck.

Most men.

I enter the living quarters and I see some people still up. I yawn and Sprite's eyes widen as she looks over at Ikaris. I look to them and step into the living room. "What's with the look?"

Kingo walks in and mutters "Shit. Shit."

Confusion covers my expression and Ikaris says "How about you and I go train out in the front yard Gaia?" I shake my head and say "I want to know what you guys are covering up and I want to sleep. That is all." Ikaris shrugs and says "Wow, did you just conceed to my offer? You afraid of losing-"

"Fine. Don't tell me. I'm going to my room..."

I walk away and Ikaris, Sprite, Kingo, and now Sersi block my way to my room. Okay, what the hell.

I raise an eyebrow and say "Why are you guys acting so weird?" Kingo laughs loudly and says "We drank too much. Come sit and drink with us. We have every liquor you could possibly want." I sigh and say "Fine. One drink. Then I am going to sleep and sleeping off the annoyance thor and loki provided to me."

Kingo cheers and the others push me back into the living room. I look around and say "Where's Makkari?"

Sersi says "She went for a long run. She left after dinner." I look to her and say "Did something happen to her? She usually doesn't go on this long of runs unless something is seriously bothering her."

Ikaris shakes his head and says "Well, her best friend left. I'm assuming she just wanted to kill time until you got back. Just the normal stuff as usual." I nod and sip on the drink they got me. The room is so tense it's ridiculous. I hear loud moaning and shouting and I make a disgusted face.

I laugh and say "Someone brought someone home? Usually it's one of you guys."

I motion to Ikaris and Kingo

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