Chapter 23

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The next day, Juliana was sick in bed with a cold. She felt guilty and regretted crying yesterday.

After all, the body in which she was reincarnated was very weak. Being reminded of her weak stamina, she regretted attending the late-night ball and her scuffle with that idiot. Furthermore, she even cried.

Juliana’s limbs felt as heavy as lead, and she couldn’t bear it.

“Uhhhhh…. this damn stamina.”

Oh, my gosh.

What’s the point of flame magic and being a pretty good magician if her physical strength, well known throughout the empire, couldn’t keep up with even half of her mana.

‘Is God fair about this?’

Juliana frowned and tried to stand up.

Then, the maids who were standing around the bed rushed quickly to support Juliana.

“The Duchess!”

“Are you all right?”

“Shall I bring medicine?!”

‘Oh, it hurts.’

Juliana raised her head and said.

“You there, only you stay here, everyone else, get out.”

“What?! Me, me?!”

The youngest maid quivered in contemplation. She had written ‘I’m a rookie maid’ all over her forehead.

Among the maids who were looking at each other, the oldest maid, the most courageous, opened her mouth.

“Well, Duchess. She’s just a clumsy kid doing simple chores. I’ll serve you.”

‘This person must be the head maid.’

She was a middle-aged woman with a wrinkled face and a rather strong mouth.

Normally, she would have said, “Fine.” Juliana Auburn. In other words, Lee Sian was born and raised in the Confucian country in the past, so it wouldn’t be unusual.

But she spoke resolutely, ignoring the instinctive submission to the elderly person’s words.

“I don’t think I’m getting any better since you’re all around me. She just needs to help change my wet clothes and know how to pour water into the tub, so go out.”

“But, Duchess….”

“What are you still doing here?”

Juliana opened her eyes.

When she raised her trembling eyes, she looked wickedly, and it was scary to those born and raised in the social class system.

When the sick woman took a deep breath and pointed at their chests, the head maid and the other maids felt threatened and had no choice but to retreat, leaving only the youngest maid.

“…Jen, Mrs. Jen!” [the head maid]

The other senior maids disappeared through the crack in the door, feeling sorry for a poor child left in the room.

The youngest maid trembled helplessly. Pretending not to know this, Juliana said triumphantly.

“What’s your name?”

“Ah, my name is Anna.”

“Okay. Anna. I need you to be my ears and mouth for a while.”


“Hmm. This isn’t it. Should I tell you to be my limbs?”

The powerful people in dramas always did this. Did he say he was going to bribe people with this? Juliana pondered over.

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