09 | the offer

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Hi everyone, no words can express how grateful I am for your love and support in my previous author's note. It made me cry, and I'm so grateful that you took the time to share what you feel about me and my stories. I read every comment of yours and will treasure it forever. You really opened my eyes again, and it means so much to me as an author that you can relate, connect and feel my stories deeply. It means the whole world to me. Thank you so much for still reading this.

I really, really, really love you to the moon and back :,)



I still can't believe what I'm seeing. Aiden is walking toward me. The glare he shoots at the head of security makes me think that he's going to lash out at him, but he focuses his attention on me instead.

The moment he stops in front of the bed, right before me, I'm stunned.

He's indeed Aiden.

I didn't know that he's in Seattle. I never knew that he lives here.

But then, Klein Enterprise has many branch offices scattered all around the country, and he may be taking care of their business here.

"Aiden?" I whisper in a small voice, but it's impossible for him to miss it.

He frowns before disbelief crosses his expression too. "Nevaeh?" my name comes out of his lips. Shock skates all over his face.

I find myself frozen on the spot even more. It's highly unlikely that he knows or remembers me. How come?

He tears his gaze away from me and mutters what seems to be a silent curse. When he returns his eyes to me, his face hardens.

"When my staff told me your name, I didn't expect that it would be you, Nevaeh Spencer. I'm sorry--" he stops mid-sentence and squeezes his eyes shut, as though he can't believe that the incident has indeed happened. "I truly apologize for what happened tonight." His expression is dead serious. His eyes are so piercing that I feel like they can cut me in half. "This residence is under my management, and everything that happens in this building is my responsibility. The fact that a security guard has broken into your apartment and almost managed to assault you is something that I won't take lightly. It's such a shame, and I will make sure of the consequences," his voice sounds deadly when he speaks the last few words, and the temperature in the room instantly drops.

My mouth hangs open as I look up at him. I can't believe this. While I'm supposed to cuss at the owner of this building, I find myself speechless because there are only two things in my mind:

1. I can't believe that he knows or remembers me.

2. I hate that while he's standing tall before me and looking so damn good in his formal office attire -- although his hair is slightly unruly because of rushing over here -- I look like a disaster. I'm wearing pink hello kitty pajamas, clutching the blanket around me like a lost puppy. My hair is disheveled and all over the place. My face smells like the night cream I'd put on before going to bed.

The thing I blurt out makes it even worse, "You," I pause. "You remember me?"

Aiden stares at me, looking slightly confused. "Yeah," he says. "You're Nevaeh, right? Max's cousin? Luna's friend? We met when I visited your school in Texas three years ago. Remember Rory Parker?"

I stare at him with a lost expression. Of course, I remember that girl. She's Luna's bully, who went to my school a few years ago.

We stare at each other in silence. I want to add that I was at his wedding too, with Max and his family, but that's absolutely the worst thing to say. I'd rather not say anything about that horrible and painful memory to the person who suffered the most that night.

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