confiding in friends

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"To strangers again..."



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Makkari leads me off the property and signs "Candy and booze is needed. I'm sorry I ever tried to push you two together. He's the worst. The next time I see him I'm taking a pipe to his knees."

I laugh and she smiles to me. 'Let's get shit faced and forget about Druig the man whore."

I nod and we walk through the dunes signing and nodding to each other.

We eventually start racing just to get to where we need to go. She's ridiculously fast

Unfairly fast.


Back at base:

Ikaris crosses his arms as the blonde bimbo scrambles to put her clothes on. Ikaris is low on patience "Hurry the fuck up." She shouts "I'll see you later Druig!"

Phastos says "No you won't."

She leaves the house quickly and everyone enters Druig's room as he looks around for some boxers or clothes to slide on

Everyone fills into the room and he says "Jesus! Is it really necessary for you all to be in here?! Maybe let me get some clothes on first!"

Sersi crosses her arms and says "You don't deserve that luxury. You deserve humiliation."

Thena rolls her eyes and says "You fucked up."

Ajak sighs and says "You really did. I am very disappointed in you Druig."

Ajak walks out and Ikaris says "Fix it. Now."

Druig says "Fix what? I'm not Gaia's little servant that needs to mop up her tears every time she's overemotional."

Sersi says "Druig!"

Ikaris walks over to Druig as he slips on sweats on over the boxers he just slided on. He grabs his collar and says "Gaia did nothing to provoke you. You made her witness your disgusting man whore habits very vocally. She has stuck by you when nobody else on the team hasn't. You fucked up."

"She fucked Loki and Thor. Honestly, I should be good to go with another woman tonight."

Sprite scoffs and says "You know, they were all right about you. That you're more of a foe then a friend."

Druig says "And I'm sure Gaia indoctrinated all of you to hate me."

Gilgamesh shakes his head and says "That's the thing. She didn't. We just know you are in the wrong here and have seriously screwed up."

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