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"The world is not
kind to anyone."

tw: arguing and cursing, also more heartbreak

tw: arguing and cursing, also more heartbreak

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I step inside after staying out all night with Makkari. I drank way too much. Waking up at 3pm the next day after a long night of drinking wasn't the best experience. I feel and look like crap. I look to the kitchen and see Sprite. I loop my arms around her and hug her tightly. She pats my arms and says "Uh.. just a warning he's waiting in your room to speak with you."

I shake my head in acknowledgment. Thena nods to me and Gilgamesh says "I can send him away if you'd like." Thena nods and says "I'll give him a vasectomy with one of my cosmic swords if you'd like." I smile to her and say "Thank you for the offers. But it's alright, I'll go talk with him."

Sprite says "Let me go with you. He needs to be bitch slapped again."

I shake my head and say "Seriously, he wasn't mine to get overly emotional over. There's really no reason for you guys to be angry with him... Wait, what do you mean again?" Sprite and the others shrug not fessing up to what happened.

I walk away and Gilgamesh scoffs and says "I'm still going to be mad at him. He hurt our Gaia."

Thena pats his shoulder and Sprite says "He's a jerk."

I walk down the hall and Makkari grabs my shoulder nodding no. I pat her hand and say "It's alright. I've got it."

She hesitates and I head inside my room. Druig looks up immediately and says "Gaia! Where the hell have you been?? I've been-"

"I was with friends. Why are you in my bedroom?"

He looks around and says "I wanted to talk..."

I cross my arms unamused and say "There's really nothing to talk about." I look to his bruised face and knuckles and obviously he got in a fist fight with someone on the team. Obviously it wasn't a short fight either.

He scoffs and says "And is that why the whole team is angry with me?" I sigh and say "I didn't tell them to be angry with you. They knew about you and your hussy before I even got home. Your noises with her were loud enough for everyone in the house to hear. They actually tried to stop me from feeling embarrassed walking in on you screwing that girl."

He sighs deeply and looks to the ground "Why would you be embarrassed?"

I scoff and say "You played me."

He shakes his head and says "I did not. If anything you did. You don't think you getting undressed in front of me and grabbing my hand and kissing my cheek didn't lead me on?"

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