4- Surprise little sister

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Michelle pov

It was finally the last period and when the bell rang, it was music to my ears. I went to my locker to get my books. "Hey you coming ?" Charlie asked. "Yeah but I'll drive to your house, my sister got in trouble , again so my mom had to come and pick her up,meaning the car is still here." I said rolling my eyes thinking of my sisters stupidity while putting my books in my bag. "Okay toodles see you soon. " Charlie and Carmen said at the same time. But when I turned around to walk to the car I saw 4 faces in the hall , I never thought I would ever see again. It was my biological family! My first instinct was to run and I don't think I've ever run so fast in my entire life , I'm not exactly the athletic type of person.

I heard footsteps coming after me ,but i didn't look back when I got to the other side of the school the doors were locked, the janitor must've locked it when school ended. Shit I whispered trying to unlock the door.

"Ellie, dont please " I heard someone plead. Nononono I'm not ready to face them yet, I seriously have the worst luck in the world. I kept looking at the door knowing there is no way out of this one. I suddenly felt someone turning me around. It was Benjamin, the brother who promised he'd protect me always, yet the day they send me away, he just stood there doing nothing, saying nothing.

"You got so big, and beautiful" he with said with tears in his eyes , but I felt nothing ,no love no forgiveness,no empathy just hate. And this wasn't normal for me, even after everything I've been through it takes alot for me to hate you. I just stared at him.

"Suprise, little sister" one of the boys said that stood behind him. I couldn't get a reading on him, he looked angry and happy at the same time if that is even possible , but he gave me a scary vibe , like "I'll fucking kill you vibe". Thats gotta be Cooper for sure. The other boy looked happy and I couldn't help but feel like I just wanted to hug him, that must be Bear, I don't remember much of that day but what I do know is that he was the only one who stood up for me.

The girl was crying and looking at me like she felt it was all a dream and that I would disappear. I'm guessing that's my sister Isabelle.

"We are taking you home, sorella" I presume Isabelle said . I looked confused "Woah hold on a minute, I am home and I am certainly not going anywhere with you." I said looking straight at Benjamin he looked hurt they all did but I couldn't care less, they've done nothing but hurt me ,it's about time they got a taste of their own medicine. He looked at Cooper and nodded his head.

"I'm sorry little sis but you don't have a choice in the matter" he said while Cooper came to me and held onto my arm tight leading me out with them.

I can't go with them! my family is here ,my friends are here. And I'm not going anywhere with these deceitful people. With only needing that information I elbowed Cooper where the sun don't shine, amd he let out a loud groan of pain.

Guess mom was right about those karate classes.I heard my name being called out but I just kept on running until I was at the car and got the hell out of there.

Going to my house was the most logical thing to do and first place that they'll look, Carmen's house seemed like a safer option.

If I only new what was going on at my house.

Benjamin pov

When me and my siblings arrived at the school we went in to the hallway looking for my sister, but it was pretty empty because most kids were gone by now.

"She is probably on her way back to the house we should just go back" Bear said. "Let's just look around first" Isa said calmly. When we got further down the hallway there was a girl at a locker putting books in her bag. When she turned around , I immediately knew it was her, we all did. When she saw us she looked terrified and she started to run. We all went after her, and I must admit she was fucking damn fast.

Luckily when we ran to the other end of the school the door was locked and she couldn't get out. She kept trying to get the door open, but I think she knew there was no way out.

"Ellie ,don't please" Bear said in a pleading voice, she stopped trying to get the door open but didn't turn around to face us. I slowly approached her and gently turned her around.

Jesus she's all grown up, and beautiful. But she has changed I could sence it. "You got so big and beautiful" I told her with tears in my eyes. But she didn't say anything she just stared at me with a look in her eyes. Hatred? This isn't the little Ellie I remember.

She studied our siblings behind me with the same look of hatred. When Isabella told her we were taking her home she looked confused and told us that she wss home and wasn't going anywhere with us. That hurt I have to admit , I could tell my siblings were also hurt but it is understandable for her to feel this way we just have to work extra hard on earning her trust and forgiveness.

I didn't want to do it this way but I could see she wasn't leaving this school with us , without a fight. I gave Coop the signal to come and take her , he held on to her arm , not to hurt her but just to make sure she wasn't going anywhere.

We all started walking towards the door when all of a sudden Cooper let out a groan of pain. Me, Isa and Bear turned around immediately too see Coop on the floor with his hand on his dick and a Michelle running away.

Bear started to laugh historical and Isabella yelled ellie's name but it was no use. "What the fuck happened?" I asked Cooper angrily.

"She fucking elbowed me in the nuts , what does it look like?And stop laughing you moron." He said the last part specifically for Bear dying of laughter.Isa and I also started to laugh at the fact that a little 16 year old girl just basically destroyed a 20 year old man who was our Mafia's best fighter.

"Great now I have to call father and tell him about this fiasco." I said while dailing my father's number.

"She'll probably go home anyways we can just get her there" Isa said to reassure me. But I don't know Ellie seems like a smart kid. "We'll have to wait and see" I said while waiting for my father to pick up.

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