5- Saying good bye

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Ricardo pov

We all sat in patience waiting for my children to return with Michelle. While the Diaz family sat on the couch looking terrified. "We're not going to hurt you, you have my word you took care of my daughter , and this is my way of repaying you" my wife told the mother, but she only looked at my wife with hatred,disgust and disbelief.

I wanted to say something about her attitude when my phone interrupted me. My family quickly looked at me curious. It was my son calling , probably telling me that they are bringing her home.

But when I answered my phone instead of telling me they found her my son told me that Michelle got away but he would explain when he gets here. I was fucking pissed we finally find my daughter and now she's gone again.

I told my wife and daughters what Ben told me and that he will explain when they get back. After 10 min we hear them getting into the house.

"What happened"my wife asked concerned while biting on one of her nails. This was nerve- wrecking for her I could see it on her face. "This idiot got himself elbowed in the balls" Bear said laughing and pointing at a Coop who stands uncomfortable.

We all began to laugh "ha, ha very funny" Coop said sarcastic. After we all had a good laugh, Sabrina asked " So what do we do now?" We all stayed quiet when all of a sudden a phone rang, realizing it wasn't any of ours we saw it was the Diaz's mothers phone.

Maggie walked over to the counter and picked it up "It says Mich" she said showing us the phone. My wife immediately answered the phone and put it on speaker. We all quickly huddled around the phone.

"Hi mom" a voice beamed through the phone. Tears formed in my eyes I haven't even seen her yet but just hearing her voice made me emotional.

Michelle pov

After getting away from the school , I immediately went to Carmens house when I got there I knocked on the door and when they opened I probably looked horrible, because the first thing Charlie asked was "Mich, whats wrong are you ok?" This caught Carmen's attention too.

"Yeah Jesus girl you look like you've seen a ghost." She said concerned. "My biological's are back" I said while walking into the house and closing the door behind me , they know about everything I told them because I trust them with my life and all my secrets, they are my family.

"What the hell, when? And where are they now? " Charlie asked. We started walking to Carmens room "Okay so after you left I was finishing up at my locker, but when I turned around 4 of my so called siblings stood there. So i ran like super duper fast , but the door was locked and they cornered me so I had no where to go. And then they said they were taking me back home , I'm guessing Italy and I was like no, I'm not going anywhere with you then one of the brothers said I didn't have a choice. After that another brother grabbed my arm pulling me out so I elbowed the asshole in his you ...know what.And then I ran to the car and came here" I said while both of them were listening to me and being shocked.

"Umm wow, thats alot of information" Carmen said starstruck. " What are you going to do?" Charlie asked. "I honestly have no idea but I think first I need to call my mom and warn her" I said and got my phone out of my pocket.

I pressed on my moms name and the phone bagan to ring.It rang for a while before it was picked up.

"Hi mom" I said when the ringing stopped but there was no answer. "Mom?" I asked confused. Again no answer. "Helooo mom"I asked again but still no answer.I was about to hang the phone up when I heard a voice.

"Don't hang up please" the voice pleaded it wasn't my moms voice, it sounded like a man, so this just made me worry. Charlie and Carmen were looking at me confused so I put my phone on speaker.

"Who is this and where is my mother?" I asked calm but angry. "I'm right here baby." A female voice said.Me and my friends looked at each other knowing damn well that it wasn't my mom's voice, but then it clicked if 4 of the Ferrari's were here it must've meant that the whole gang of idiots were here as well .

"You're not my mother , put Nonna on the phone now."I spat angrily. "We can't do that bambina but we are willing to make a deal if you come to the house and we can talk about it, but alone"Another voice said but this one I recognized it was Benjamin.

"I swear if you have hurt anyone of my family" I said angry." We haven't , i give you my word" the same voice said that claimed to be my mother.

"Your word , yeah right." I scoffed and hung up. "We need to call the police" Carmen said historical and her hands were shaking. I took it and put it in mine "Its no use ,I did my research on them they have ties everywhere even in the police." I said sympathetic.

"Wait you can't actually be thinking of going, they're basically going to kidnap you" Charlie said concern."I dont really have a choice Char plus I'm pretty sure this deal they are willing to make involves them threatening to kill everyone I love and that includes the 2 of you and I'm not losing anyone" I said with tears forming."I dont want to leave but I'm getting the feeling it's not really my choice whether I want to go or stay." I said sad.

"We don't want to lose you" Carmen said while crying. "You're not losing me , we'll still talk everyday, and do our ice cream dates and sleepovers but it will only be over facetime and who knows maybe the assholes will let me come visit you"I said crying too now. I held both my hands out and they both took one. "Always and forever" we said together and had a group hug.

After that we said out last goodbyes and I left to go to the house. My heart is hurting ,fuck,I don't want to leave but I think I'm gonna have to,to keep those I love safe but it hurts, you know.

But I guess I'm lucky for having something that makes it hard to say goodbye.Not a lot of people has that privilege.

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